ZTRO until the casket drops

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“I want to do music until my casket drops.”

Twenty-two year old Shaquille Kalikeller Pettaway, also known as Ztro (pronounced Stro) is a Gulfport, Mississippi-rooted, Detroit, Michigan raised, Huntsville, Alabama living music artist who is just trying to spend his life making music. He started off as a young boy who followed his freestyling older brother around and developed a passion for rapping himself. He has been recording since he was 14 years old. He would do anything to make money to hit the studio. “Since I was a child my oldest brother Jay Cashz was always rapping and freestyling with his friends and I was always around so I caught on to it and fell in love ever since! Music is my life. I used to do whatever as a child to make money and get in the studio.”

The young dreamer started off rapping in his mom’s home at 14 to now performing for audiences of 1,000 plus. He has opened up for Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, Jacob Latimore, Mindless Behavior, Yo Gotti, Travis Porter, Diggy Simmons, and more. His passion for music was solidified when he opened up for Travis Porter and received tons of positive feedback telling us, “They told me I
was a star because of my stage presence.”


So with the love that Ztro has gotten so far, he continues to give his listeners quality music from his unique perspective.

My music is for everybody. I make music for every type of mood. I love the fans and hearing my progress when listening to my new or old music and improving on it.

Get To Know Ztro:
How would you describe yourself?

I come from the hood. I was raised around murderes, drug dealers, and theives but I always stayed positive and never let my friends or family influence me to choose the wrong path. They saw my drive and kept me going!”

What has kept you motivated throughout your career?

I am a father now and I want to give my son the life I never had so I’m working harder!”


Who is your all-time favorite role model?

Tupac and Birdman.

How do you visualize your effect on this and future generations?

I want to influence my generation and future generations that the streets aren’t everything. Just because you are reaised around savages doen’t mean you have to become them.

How do you define success?

Success is just a goal to me I want to do music until my casket drops and my family won’t have to worry ever again! I wanna change my life so I can change the lives around me.

How do you visualize your effect on this and future generations?

I want to influence my generation and future generations that the streets aren’t everything just because you are raised around savages doesn’t mean you have to become just like them.

What project(s) are you working on now?

I just released my latest project titled “22 Nights Krazy”

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