Yung Bala comes from a family background of music and feels that he possesses  the gift that the rap game is missing. He mixes the old school feel of the 1990’s with the present day vibe and gives fans good music. Yung Bala has been entertaining since summer 2006, when he would go to the elementary school park every Saturday and participate in rap battles. This is when he noticed he had something the other rappers didn’t—consistency.

           Bala’s style is unique because he can touch every genre of music. “I feel I’m different from other artists because I’m not afraid to be me.” Yung Bala’s name is also different. He spells it with one “L” because he only represents one person. The 24 year old entertainer has worked on numerous projects previously that have helped bring him success. His most memorable performance was opening up for Ice Cube and T.I. in Los Angeles, California. One of his songs was the lead in the B.E.T. movie “Steppin.”

           The motivated, well connected rapper is shooting videos, promoting his music, and performing to stay consistent and relevant with his music. Yung Bala has accomplished great things in his music career and hopes to continue his success.

Tinka Bell Israel

Yung Bala -Can’t Trust Nobody
Without music, I would be…In the NBA.
Music is…The greatest sound God can create.
My music makes me feel…Blessed and aware of life.
I write these songs because…A lot of artists lie and I don’t support that; I write what’s real.
Support music because…Music will support you back if you get the right message in your ear.

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