Yarbro The Dragon holding H-Town down in Cali

Golden Scales Affiliate Yarbro The Dragon is still on the West Coast representing his home Houston, TX. The highly intellectual artist is working in the studio and preparing that thought-provoking music that his fans love. His current mixtape The Dragon Files Vol. 1 is making waves from the West Coast to the 3rd coast.

What have you been up to since we last talked to you?

Posted in San Diego in a Houston state of mind. I dropped a mixtape #TheDragonFilesVol. 1 and I jus been on the hustle;  got some art projects in the works.

How have you grown since we last talked to you?
Check that link in my IG bio and you will see the growth from my last two projects, can’t be alive and not grow, that’s quick death.

What is the most important life-lesson you have learned since we last spoke?
Things take time, especially things that last.

What do you have planned in the coming months?
More shows , and bigger moves , Visuals on the way too.

What future projects can we look forward to?
Lol, just watch @yarbrothedragon

Words from Yarbro The Dragon
It’s Deep Sea on my end , 🖕🏾 Mainstream!

Dragon Files Vol. 1 Cover Art
Click the album artwork to listen to Yarbro             The Dragon’s ‘DRVGXN FXLXS VOL.1’




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