“When we were young, we were Kid & Play for the talent show.” -Mac of Undergravity

Mac and Atom Bomb began entertaining in the 2nd grade. They are best friends, born only two days apart, and are from the Southside of Houston, Texas; Yellowstone and Scott to be exact. Together they make up the gifted, innovative duo Undergravity. “When we were young, we were Kid & Play for the talent show,” says Mac.

They have always been involved in music because Mac’s father, Leroy Allen, has always been committed and passionate about music since before Mac was born. Allen sang background for many R&B artists in the 70’s and 80’s. In the 90’s, he formed his own band and toured the world. Allen had a heavy influence on their music career, as well as Houston rap legends DJ Screw, Fat Pat, and Devin the Dude.

undergravity-photo-1Undergravity describes their music as Space Age Funk—slow tempo music for the soul. They mix it with a special blend of the Houston musical influence, creating a unique and laid back sound. Although the duo’s sound of music is prolific and very distinctive from other artists, their biggest struggle is politicking in the music business. “It’s a, who you know profession,” says Mac. They feel that less talented artists and groups often land record deals because of their connections in the industry, while Undergravity doesn’t have those connections. But the Houston duo is very persistent and continues to create new music every day. “We know who you know can get you in the door but what you know will keep you there.” These days they are still trying to overcome this roadblock. In the mean time, they are planning a party with hopes to honor their recently deceased friend and to bring awareness to Undergravity and what they represent for the Southside of Houston.

Undergravity-Right Direction

Their first project, self-titled Undergravity, dropped in 2002 and was released with another group they founded called “Space Age” made up of family and friends. Undergravity wrote, produced, and printed everything themselves. Other past projects included Live from Undergravity and Starships & Rockets in 2003, Space Jams in 2011, and The Underdawgs from Undergravity in 2012 which was listed by the Houston Press list of “Houston’s Best Undeground Rap Tapes of 2012”. They are currently working on The Steel Curtain which will be a compilation of all new upcoming local artists. It’s definitely something you can look forward to.

-Tinka Bell Israel

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