The Jorvorski ‘J.Train’ Lane Story: Inside and Out by VestiSports

Dedication and Determination at it’s Best

            Jorvorskie Javion Lane is an American football fullback for the Miami Dolphinsof the National Football League. He played tailback and fullback for the Texas A&M Aggies college football team. Although, Lane is currently the starting fullback for the Miami Dolphins, he hasn’t always had love for football. “My first love has always been basketball. It wasn’t until 6th when I moved back to Lufkin from Houston that I was introduced to football. I went to my Uncle’s house and my Aunt said he and my cousins were out back playing football and that I should go join them. I didn’t care for football at all so I was like I won’t play but I’ll go watch them. When I got back there I saw how much fun my Uncle and cousins were having while playing football. That day my Uncle taught me football and ever since then I never looked back.”jorvorksi lane1

            Since as long as Lane could remember he has always had problems with his weight. He came into college weighing over 280lbs. With Lane being born and raised in a country Texas town, showed that it had a lot to do with his eating habits.”Yeah, probably so because that’s how we eat. Growing up in the country, that’s how everyone eats so you’d never look at it as bad because it was normal.”

            Lane’s first three years at Texas A&M University,as a starting tailback, was amazing considering the fact that he was the offense key scoring player, giving him the nickname J. Train. The nickname suited him perfectly because no other team could ever stop the J. Train. Its safe to say Jorvorski was the man because he was known on and off the field. The heavy truth was that if he couldn’t get his weight under control, he would see his football career pass him by. That’s exactly what happened in the 2009 NFL Draft. When Lane wasn’t drafted or even picked up as a free agent crushed him. Emotionally, going from the It Man on campus to a working man at a furniture store was definitely hard for him. “I was lost. So hard to explain but at the same time I had a family to feed so I didn’t have time to feel sorry for myself. Had to do what I needed to do at the time to keep money coming in for my family. But at the end of the day I was lost.” Lane was one of the few that moved his wife and two kids at the time with him to College Station while he attended Texas A&M. It had to be hard being a college athlete with a family.

Lane:   “Yes it was hard, but I’ll have to say time management was hardest thing for me. I had to handle school, football, myself, and a family so it was extremely hard compared to other college athletes that didn’t have a family to worry about. When it comes to the NFL, it would have to be the grind in it all. Going from 10 games in college to 20 games (that’s including pre-season) in the NFL is extremely hard on your body, a lot of wear and tear”.

Vesti:  Man, I still can’t believe you’re in Miami playing for the Dolphins. What’s the big difference between Miami and Texas, in your opinion?

Lane: In Miami I’ll have to say the humitidy. The weather is crazy, to get in shape in this weather could take a month compared to working out in Houston weather could take a week. It’s so easy to get cramped up in this weather. What I miss most in Lufkin is my people. It’s home, you always miss home when you’re away from it for too long especially since that’s where all my family still resides.


Vesti: Playing for the Miami Dolphins, I know you feel at home since a few players and coachs came from A&M too.

Lane: It definitely feels like home. Most of the coaching staff on offense all coached at A&M. And a few players like Ryan Tannehill and Jeff Fuller were all there when I was at A&M too so it definitely felt like home. They all welcomed me with open arms.

Vesti: Speaking of Texas A&M, I know you are as proud of the Aggies as we are but do you feel like A&M would of been a better team if coach Sumlin was there during your years? Would there have been more team unity?

Lane: First, I want to start off by saying Johnny Football deserves the heisman and what impressed me most about the whole squad this year is the way they shut up all the hoax about A&M not being able to do anything in the SEC. People don’t know I met coach Sumlin a long time ago when I was in high school, he worked for OU at the time. When I went to the A&M and LSU game this year, I walked up to meet him and he was like I already know who you are been knowing how good you were since you were in high school. It felt good having him remember me. But if Coach Sumlin was at A&M during my years, I have no doubt in my mind how good we would of been and it def would of been unity on and off the feild between us players.

Vesti: Obesity is the leading cause in our children today, do you see yourself opening a foundation in your name for the youth in your hometown?

Lane: Yes, I would love to open up a foundation to help children all around. It’s so easy to gain the weight but it’s extremely hard to lose it.

Vesti: Overall, how does it feel to be back in action, especially after getting your 1st td in the Nation Football League?

Lane: To be honest, it hasn’t hit me yet. I’ve been so busy learning the ropes, I haven’t really had time to sit back and reflect on everything. It’ll probably hit me during off season.

Vesti: Everyone has that one person they would love to meet and ask them something, who would be your one person?

Lane: It would be Donald Trump. I would ask him, ‘what kept/keeps you motivated?

Vesti: One last thing before I let you go Jorvorski, who was your role-model growing up and who would you say inspires you today?

Lane: Since my first love has always been basketball, Michael Jordan has always been my role-model growing up. Inspiration wise, I would have to say LeBron James. He’s been through it all and he still manages to hold himself up and be the man. Anyone that can go through so much critism and have so many haters, and still manage to stay humble should be a huge inspiration to us all.

From one Aggie to another Aggie, we are all so proud to see Lane prosper. He keeps pushing and showing everyone that with true determination and dedication you can always reach and live your dreams. This is the true story of Jorvorski Lane, continue following his career because J. Train has yet to begun.

“No Grind No Glory No Pain No Story!” – Jorvorski Lane



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