Unorthodox Tunes – Susan Carol

Unorthodx Tunes is a Susan Carol sound which
came from her life. Working with Party Boy Dj
“Dj Neaux” she has put together a nice quality
sound for radios to play. Some people see a pretty
face and think there’s no pain behind it, but most don’t know
she lost her dad as a child, and her mother wasn’t there much as
she grew into this young beautiful singer.

Dealing with homelessness and other problems in life she still has
managed to make it to college and still pursue her dream of
being a singers. The number one thing to her is to
“Keep God First…Never give up!” said Susan.

“It’s not as hard as it seems and things will always get better.” – Susan Carol

Word of Advice:

“Stay focused and follow your dreams. Spread only love, not hate.Smile more often.” – Susan Carol

“Did You know?”
Susan uses her music as a way to escape and deal with life’s drama.
Expressing your feeling is a good way to make a song because
people love to hear something that relates to them or something they
have been threw.

twitter @_susancarol
instagram @_susancarol


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