UNO LOSO: Goonside City Legend

A New Leader for the Next Generation of Music

Goonside city legend Uno Loso desires to be the new leader for the next generation in the music industry. The hip hop artist tells of his life stories in  his music and  in front of the camera. His music is special; as soon as the beat drops you hear his undeniable talent and aggression in every verse. His words make you understand his everyday life, and places you in his shoes.

Uno Loso & Pachicko da Pilot – Everywhere I Go

Uno Loso is currently working on his next mixtape with Pachicko Da Pilot, Pakk Musik.  which is set to release this month on Uno Loso is a true multi-tasker.He not only raps and writes his own music, but is also an actor. We can look forward to his movie, “The Train, coming soon. “Nothing is like the love you get from all your hard work.”

In the Hood of Oak Cliff

When Uno Loso is not rapping, entertaining, or acting,  he is planning his bright future. The young star plans to have millions of dollars and a house on every coast. He doesn’t care about awards, he just wants to get money. But with money comes problems, and Uno Loso is dealing with those issues first hand. He says, “Being in Dallas is a major roadblock. Everybody blocking and not persistent, and only want to profit but don’t want to help.” The artist knows that growing pains are a  part of the business though, and will not stop his grind. He promises to continue to give his fans great music and performances. He plans to perform this year at the Oak Cliff Picnic.

-Tinka Bell Israel

*R.I.P Serg and Big Brock*

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