“The world sees my radical, philosophic ideas from my eyes through my photography.” –Bianca Lister, Photographer & Artist

When you think of great talent, most people don’t usually think of a photographer or an artist. Well, Bianca “Binky” Lister is determined to change this perception with the help of her revolutionary artwork. Ever since she could hold a pencil, Lister has been drawing, and the gifted Houstonian has not stopped drawing since. So if you need some original and exclusive artwork that cannot be imitated, you need Bianca.

Bianca uses her Nikon 3100 to take radical and uncensored photos of any and everything. It began as hobby, but when people viewed her photo albums, they were astonished and offered her money to photograph their events and parties. She has been immersed with the craft of photography ever since. She overcame her biggest struggle as a photographer when she purchased the Nikon 3100, her first professional DSLR camera, and it has been a challenging adventure since. Her ultimate goal is for people to see the truth; but through her eyes because she does not see the world as everyone else does. “The world sees my radical, philosophic ideas from my eyes though my photography.” The things that go on in the world lead her to anger, and her anger leads her to action. “You need to tell the truth”

Explains Lister. That is exactly what she expresses in her photos.

Bianca does not have to search long for inspiration; anybody and anything can be her muse. She takes from the world abundant motivation no matter the object. In the next five years, Bianca envisions herself owning an art gallery and also venturing into videography. Her only desire for her art and photography career is to be remembered for making a difference.

-Tinka Bell Israel

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