The multi-talented Kushone Green Jr.

“I want to bring that “In My Slab Riding Muzik” back to the 3rd coast.” -Kushone Green Jr.

Self motivated, Oak Cliff realist Kushone Green Jr. raps, performs, produces, composes, creates graphics, and engineers all of his music. He is all over the music industry and utilizes all of his talents. Listen to his past album I’m Ready, and past tracks like, $tack$  featuring Lukas, and Wussup Widget. In these songs he displays his many talents, his grind, and character all in one. “My life motivates my music. I only record what I know to be facts, not what someone else told me or saw.” The artist desires to rebrand the South Texas music to outsiders with his creative and lyrical music style. “We’re all ringtones and dance songs. It’s nothing wrong with it if that’s what you like. But lyricists don’t get played without gimmicks. I want to bring that “In My Slab Riding Muzik” back to the 3rd coast.”

Kushone Green Jr. is currently working on his next 2 projects, Lighters Up Vol.1 and Triple D Forever. The thing that makes this artist so special is that he loves every part of the entertainment industry even if he isn’t in the spotlight. He wants people to identify with his situation, be in tuned to his music, and know they are not alone in their struggle.

At the end of the day, the artist just wants his label Square Up Ent. to be on top of the music game, the city of Dallas supporting him, and to be crowned as the best to ever do it. He plans to make this happen by continuing to turn up and show out, “Pushing this great music of mine even if I have to sell it out of my trunk.”

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