The Krazy Songwriter

Krazy K
Krazy K

Krazy K is a songwriter, dancer, promoter, and artist, who gives the world a totally different swag. Influenced by ZRo, J-Dawg, and most importantly himself, He began entertaining in 2007 dancing on the stage with some friends. Entertainment has been a major part of his life ever since. “I kind of like the fame.”

He started out in a group but they eventually split up. Krazy K continues to consistently put out crunk music people can dance to. He reminisces on his most memorable performance at Wolf Pen Creek in College Station, Texas. He explains that every time he gets on stage he is going to make the crowd crunk and make them want to dance. Currently, he is working on a contractwith radio stations getting his hottest single played right now entitled ‘Take Me As I am’.

-Tinka Bell Israel

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