The clothing brand that says F*ck You Houston’s Awesome!

Fuck You Houston’s Awesome! 


Rep yo city! If you’re from Houston, Texas you know how serious it is. When it comes to being proud of your hometown, true Houstonians are the proudest. That is true in all aspects of Houston culture; from sports, music, and even fashion–Houston culture is embedded in every aspect.

Fck You Houston’s Awesome (FYHA) is a clothing line that is truly proud of Houston’s culture fyha_snapbacksand represents it on every article of clothing that they produce. They say it very boldly, so you won’t misunderstand: Fck You Houston’s Awesome.

Creators Anthony Gassnola and Adria LeCrone 36 have both been intrigued with fashion and the industry since they were young kids, but more recently started their company because they wanted to showcase their passion for fashion and design as well as their passion for Houston culture. “We grew tired of the continuous bashing of Houston and wanted to make a brand that shows how much we love it.” FYHA is the go-to brand for anyone who wants to put on for the city. FYHA designs are inspired by Houston’s urban culture, with a twist of the creators’ individual flare. They explain that their fashion style inspiration is as diverse as Houston culture is. Houston is a melting pot of all different fashion trends. We pull inspiration from all aspects of living in Houston. It could be from different music, graffiti, tattoos, bars and anything that deals with the Houston culture.”

FYHAFYHA has been doing extremely well, with styles that are unmatched. Since starting the company, the creators have experienced their share of setbacks and success. From trying to run an entire company with the manpower of two, to collaborating with other dope designers to create even doper fashions, the journey has been trying but rewarding. They explain, “Through design we’ve been able to make connections with people we would, on a normal day, not have met. FYHA has become our voice and even movement to celebrate all things Houston.” The duo has been working hard from the start and have plans to take the brand to the next level and work their business full time. They offer this advice to anyone who wants to get their start in the fashion industry: “Don’t be afraid to take risks and chase your dreams.”  

FYHA clutch city teeFYHA is a Houston brand, created by Houstonians, for Houstonians and those who appreciate Houston’s culture.  Make sure you stay connected with the brand for the latest representation of Houston’s unique trendsetting culture.

“If we don’t wear it, we don’t make it” -FYHA

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