“The Best Part of Him” by Tinka Bell Israel

I am the long, curved bones found in the middle of his body.
There is no way you could ever see him and never see me.
I was created after him because God saw that he was lonely.
We share the same energy, spirit, and even the same heartbeat.
I am his rib, not his head or his feet.

I elevate the love that evolves from him and keeps his heart vigorous and strong.
I extend from his spine to the breastbone that I love to lay on.
I am the core portion of his skeleton and not his backbone.
He respects my mind, body, and soul because it is his own.
I am his rib, and I help protect his heart’s song.

I love the animal inside of him, whom he spent most of his time with before the creation of  me. I love this man’s muscle tone, fathomless voice, and smile that was made just for me.
From the split-ends of his hair to the bottom of his feet, God created this man perfectly.
Without me there is no him and he would be empty.

When you see my lips, breasts, and hips you know I was designed to protect his heart.
I facilitate his breathing and you always see my mark.
I (his) ribs are paired perfectly and barely come apart.
When The Creator created me, he knew what he was doing from the start.

I am his helper and I grip and rebuild his body when he falls.
He doesn’t even have to say my name I’m already there when he calls.
I support him even when he is struggling and has to crawl.
I’m even in front  him when he stands two feet tall.

We are one flesh and The Creator delights in our union.
It’s my destiny to be with him regardless of others’ opinion.
I came from him and I will help him protect God’s dominion.
Together we stand and we will overcome the enemy’s temptation.

-Tinka Bell Israel

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