The 9th Annual OG Ron C Texas Music Conference

Skyy-Lyfe Entertainment Publicity Firm is proud to announce this year’s 9Th Annual OG Ron C R.E.A.L Texas Music Conference will be returning to its original birthplace the legendary city of Houston, Texas. This highly anticipated gala will take place December 2-6, 2015 at the most premier venues throughout the city. Houston’s world renowned media center “House of Dereon” will headquarter a series of synchronized specialized carpeted charity events that are geared to motivate today’s upcoming musicians and other brand upstarts within the music industry while giving back to the less fortunate individuals that make us all relevant.

Entertainment industry tastemaker’s attendees range from local, regional, and national levels often times high profile celebrity personalities, professional sports athletes, political officials, as well as a steady stream of urban music moguls who share knowledge of their individual experience.The event is geared to be a continuous flagship that brings together a diverse group of experts, practitioners, and personalities that span the spectrum of the music industry. Within a professionally controlled setting, qualified individuals with distinction, network encouraging creative solutions for the challenges facing breaking into and maintaining a stable career in today’s entertainment monopoly. With the element of live performances for today’s local and national performers, this weekend has become a new trend with every continuing year.

Festivities to be included over the 5 day benevolence weekend include a celebrity benefit basketball game, a 2-day urban music conference, Hip-Hop benefit concert, various VIP meet and greet, Pop-up Shops, after parties hosted by special guest celebrities and Woman’s Empowerment Dinner & Winter Fashion Expo. The profits gained will be distributed across several non-profit charity organizations prior to Christmas day.

For nearly a decade, Skyy-Lyfe Entertainment Publicity and Strategic Marketing Firm has produced a Texas staple with the longest lasting music conference and Christmas Charity Affair in Texas, “The OG RON C R.E.A.L TEXAS MUSIC CONFERENCE”. This year, CEO, Founder, of Skyy-Lyfe Entertainment Seketha “Skyy” Wonzer, commonly referred to as “Texas Top Publicist,” and since has been deemed as “The Secretary of State,” is introducing a brand new series of Christmas Charity Events that will erect a stronger bridge between the entertainment industry entrepreneurs and moguls.
















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