Tha Marleyz Successfully Clash their Differences to Create Quality Music.

Tha Marleyz: Tizzle Troy & Koo
Tha Marleyz: Tizzle Troy & Koo

Fresh out of Calvert, Texas is a rap/hip-hop duo with a passion for entertaining. Zaccheus ‘Tizzle Troy’ Williams and Ja’Marcus ‘Koo’ Ashley, better known as ‘Tha Marleyz’ are a tag-team tandem when it comes to everything. They have been entertaining since grade school, always doing things that would invoke some kind of attention. “We are the young and flashy. We are always seeking attention, trying to show people a good time.”

The duo produces and performs original material, aiming to stimulate the minds of their listeners with fun and engaging melodies. They claim that the best part of entertaining is, “seeing people recite your music word for word, then having the urge to broadcast and share your brand on major networks with their friends because they enjoy your hard work so much.”

The Marleyz have a powerful message to convey when speaking to their fans. That is, “to influence our generation that you can obtain a better life if you are willing to put the time into it.” They are indeed committed to the grind. They spend countless hours in the studio perfecting their craft, and are constantly thinking of new schemes and themes to create new sounds.

The Marleyz are new to the Underground, but they are definitely here to stay. Check out their latest video here!

-Coyo Alexander

Tha Marleyz-Heaven or Hell Freestyle

Without music, I would be…lost.
Music is…life.
Our music makes us feel…invincible.
We write these songs because…we love music
Support music because…we do it for you all.

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