Terrence ‘TJ’ Williams

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Terrence TJ Williams

You must have extreme confidence about your music if you compare it to someone’s first sexual experience. That’s something serious. TJ has that confidence though, and describes himself and his career as the “beginning stages of a global enterprise.”

Born and raised in Houston, TX Terrence ‘TJ’ Williams is an ambitious individual with a great sense of humor and a keen sense of what it takes to become successful. Growing up in Houston definitely influences an artist’s style, and TJ is no different. He grew up listening to  Street Military, Scarface, and the legendary DJ Screw. “No matter what I’m rapping about or how I deliver it you will always get what I like to call ‘Texas Twang’. That is something that naturally I could never shy away from.”

You can expect to experience good music, good energy, and a little comedy when TJ graces the stage. The skilled songwriter and guitarist produces music that is emotional, heartfelt, and lyrical. He tells us that his versatile style is like no other. His versatility is expressed in his music, as he explains that he is capable of producing music of any genre.

Terrence TJ Williams
Terrence TJ Williams

TJ explains that there is only one thing that he fears in his pursuit of his dreams–“Failure! Failure is the reason i started and failure is the reason I’m still going. The fear of becoming a failure!” This is what keeps him motivated and focused  on his goals daily.  He is currently working on his latest and greatest musical project thus far entitled CRASH, which includes the track ‘Stay High’ featuring Le$. He has also developed the SAFE HAVEN Clothing line with his business partner, and promises that both projects will be his best yet.

Be on the lookout for more from TJ  in the future,  whom assures us that it is worth the wait. “Greatness requires patience.”

-Coyo Alexander

Without music, I would be…lost and disoriented
Music is…my safe haven
My music makes me feel…at peace
I write these songs because…it is my way of communicating with the masses
Support music because…it feeds the soul



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