TED SHINES is Putting in Major Work in The Underground

“Music just inspires me. I have a story that I want to share with the world.” -Ted Shines

Tory ‘Ted Shines’ Guillory has been writing ever since he can remember. He always knew he had a gift, and displayed his talents everyday with his brother on park benches performing the songs he wrote. He made the decision to follow his dream to become an entertainer his freshman year in college, and has been rocking the mic on Houston’s underground scene ever since.

Ted Shines’ Houston roots are clear in his music. He explains, “Houston plays a big part in my music. I think listeners can hear it in my sound and my swag. It all comes from my city. The music I make tends to have a smooth sound and I think that’s just the Houston in me.” He also guarantees exceptional lyrics and plenty of energy. He loves the whole song making process, and will spend most of his conscious hours in the studio creating music. “I love the grind of trying to make it in the industry. Countless hours are spent on music. We have no life outside of music. We work very hard.” he explains.

Hard work pays off indeed as Ted Shines is currently working on a project he claims will be his defining moment once it is released, United State of Texas. As he works on this venture he intends to present the real Ted Shines, and give listeners some lyrical music to ride to. His message to his listeners is clear as he embraces his individuality. He says, “keeping it real and being yourself is cool. You don’t always have to follow trends.”

As for right now, Ted Shines is happy doing what he loves. Although the goal is to create a career as a rapper, he says he will never stop writing music. His passion goes beyond fame and fortune as he tells us that he would still make music without ever obtaining either. The way he grinds though, it won’t be long before he gets both.

-Coyo Alexander

Ted Shines – Top Down

Get to know Ted Shines!
Without music, I would be…Very Depressed
Music is…My everything
My music makes me feel…Complete
I write these songs because…I want to tell my story
Support music because…Without it we’d all be lost souls

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