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Taz a*k*a Da Hitman
Taz a*k*a Da Hitman

Crazy like Looney Tunes, the rapper we all know as Taz gives life lessons on his tracks and all of his music has a purpose. He added Hitman to his name because he kills every track and it symbolizes his nature. He is from Detroit, Michigan and he is bringing that good ‘ol Motown music back in 2014 with his Hitman hits.

The 22 year old rapper has been through a lot in his life and he has learned from his struggles and wants to spread the news to the world. He admits that he has anger issues and he puts a lot of anger into his music. You would expect Taz Da Hitman’s music to be crunk, violent, and loud, but it is actually laid back and relaxing. He speaks on previous events in his life.


To listen to music from this artist visit:
Ramon-aka-Taz on YouTube

-Tinka Bell Israel


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