Tavarus “Retro Hendrix” Durgin was born and raised in Mobile, AL. This Army Veteran currently resides in Houston, TX. After serving his country on a Combat Tour in Afghanistan, Taxfree Global was created. Retro Hendrix now handles marketing and promotions, and is also a Hip Hop Artist.

After a year long combat in Afganistan, Retro Hendrix and Co-Founder, Gai Taxfree decided that they did not want to work for anyone anymore; so they put everything they had into making good quality music. They now operate a Black Army Veteran Owned Business.

Retro Hendrix utilizes social media and word of mouth advertising to market the business. “We are in the age of Technology. I can sit in the comforts of my home and reach out to my clients all over the world,” says Hendrix.

After returning to society from the Army, adapting back to civilian life was one of the hardest things for Hendrix; who still deals with this today. “Its hard to get people to understand why you acting a certain way, says Hendrix “I’ve seen a lot of things the average human will never see in there lifetime.”

Hendrix loves the fact that he can get up and do what he wants to do, but getting people to believe in you and your brand can be one of the most challenging things in starting your own business. “Believe it or not, family members are the worst,” says Hendrix.

Over the coming months, Hendrix plans to continually grow the company and never look back. Over the next five years, Hendrix plans to employ 10 to fifteen individuals to help build the TaxFreeGlobal Brand. For someone looking to start their own business, Hendrix says, “Give it all you have and never look back; Never give up on what you believe in”

Catch Retro Hendrix each and every Friday at Avani Lounge, 5711 Hillcroft. For tickets: RSVP

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