Tales from the Hood with Houston’s South Side, Mighty G – The Producer

  Marcus “Mighty G” Williams is known by most of his associates as a cool and calm-natured individual, who can also switch gears on notice and become the life of the party. Born and raised in urban Houston, Texas, he experienced firsthand what many of his favorite rappers expressed in their songs. He understood exactly how real their words were, and he lived that reality daily. As a result, Mighty G decided to embark on a career as a rapper in 2002 in order to illustrate his life to the world through song. He aspires to be a representative for his community and all who listen and can relate to his experiences. More importantly, he wants to shed light and insight about his life to those fans that listen but have no real-life experience with his words.

IG: SouthsideMighty

  Although the rapper garners most of his lyrical inspiration through his own trials and triumphs, he admires several artists who have similar backgrounds as his and have successfully completed the journey to rap stardom. His favorite artists include: Lil’ Wayne, Meek Mills, Juelz Santana, 50 Cent, and Young Jeezy. Mighty G notes that his style as an artist is similar to that of Kanye West and DJ Khaled. Since 2002, he has remained diligent working with his music and has completed several projects. His past projects include: “Rappin-N-Trappin Chapter 1”, “Getting Money Season”, “Hot 16”, “In the Words of Mighty G”, “Without a Deal”, and “Undaground Radio Station Mixtape”. He is currently hard at work on “Rappin-N-Trappin Chapter 2” and his self titled compilation album “Mighty G Compilation 2002-2012”. Not only does this artist rap, he is a producer as well with talents ranging from creating tracks to mixing and mastering, making music videos, and promoting and marketing himself. He is keeps himself busy working with his music and is a student of the art who wants to learn as much as he can about making great music.

  While the rapper remains occupied with his music most of the time, he makes sure that he finds time to give back to the community from which he was produced. He participates by helping to feed hungry children, cleaning up the streets on which he grew up, and by inspiring children to stay out of jail by simply being a role model. He also uses his music to influence and entertain his fans by hosting and performing free shows and allowing free downloads of his music, and dispensing accessories with his new music. He feels that if he can continue to be a positive role model and use his talents to help others by offering his services, he can also help them overcome their own personal roadblocks and struggles.

  Mighty G’s plans for the future are to continue to pour his heart and soul into his music. He plans to shoot more music videos and perform more statewide and nationwide shows in order to create exposure and gain a wider fan base. He knows that a strong internet presence is crucial to his exposure. He plans to create a large internet fan base with a minimum of 10,000 views for each video submitted. He is determined to help Rudaworld get the credit it deserves. He states, “There isn’t enough fairness in the entertainment industry in regards to allowing artists with smaller fan bases to shine.” He plans to remedy this issue by building the largest underground record label in the southern region. He says his record label will allow artists to be themselves and let their music come from their hearts. “Today’s artists do what the label tells them to do, and that’s not real music.” states the rapper.

  As for now, Mighty G will continue to promote his music by hosting his own video shows, making free music for his fans, and most importantly, by making music his fans want to hear and not what the industry thinks he should make. He knows he has a lot of hard work ahead of him, but when you’re living your passion it never feels like work.

You can find more of Mighty G’s music via Street World Films

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