“Taking over the world has always been my goal” – Elle Jae

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Elle Jae, originally from Detroit, Michigan, currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a very energetic personality and stays positive as an ambitious, God-fearing woman. She’s working on her first maxi single, and names some of her “amazing” producers, engineers and songwriter in her interview with FYI Houston.

Granddaughter of Eli Fountain, Detroit jazz musician who played saxophone, her favorite music includes Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Frank Sinatra just to name a few. She is motivated by getting people to understand, listen, and love her music. We asked her what makes her style unique and separates her from other entertainers, and she responded saying, “My heart is full of love… I project my love to my fans…I give my music, my happiness, and my love.”

“Taking over the world has always been my goal,” says Elle Jae, “but you must start somewhere.” She has links to music everywhere, creating more of a online presence, along side with blogging, posters and even standing outside handing out CD’s. Her first gig was in church, but now she’s working on getting booked in China. She wants her fans to determine where she will be in the next five years.

Elle Jae prides herself in being extremely talented playing the Air Guitar. Some of her other hobbies include gaming, collecting comic books, vintage toys & robots.Outside of her humor, she gives back to her community by feeding the homeless and volunteering with the Salvation Army.


Music from Elle Jae:


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