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Take a listen at one of the freshest sounds coming right out of Houston’s Southside (Hiram Clarke to be exact). Marlo has been expressing himself through his unique music for years now and is quickly gaining followers.
He has had much influence from those Hiram Clarke streets, telling us “I get my whole street sound from growing up out here. It’s rough down here for us coming out of Houston, so that’s where I get the street sound from.

He has created his own unique sound and while his music is influenced by Houston culture, he differentiates himself from “the normal Houston sound”. In fact, he isn’t fond of his music being labeled, telling us “I make music! I hate to be put in one lane. I can make so many sounds.” He notes Lil’ Flip as his only musical influence from Houston. His other musical influences are actually Atlanta-based artists like Wacka Flocka, Chief Keef, and Gucci Mane. In fact, he tells us that he would prefer to sign to Wacka Flacka’s label right now if he could.

His performance style is very hype and turnt up, like that of his ATL influencers. Attend one of his shows and expect to see Marlo bring his music to life! There are no dull moments while Marlo’s music is blasting through the speakers. His stage presence has awarded him several opportunities to share stages and make music with more of Houston’s hottest talent. He has opened up for Kirko Bangz in front of a crowd of 2,000. He also has tracks with DJ Chose. He currently has some new music coming from collabs with Trill Sammy and DJ Chose in the works.

He has had some trying times in his life, from losing close friends and family, to almost dying himself and has served a stint in prison. He has had his share of struggles and roadblocks. He encourages his audience to “Stay focused on your dream, they do come true. Always put God first and you can make it out of anything.” He talks about his unfortunate start in the entertainment which was sparked by the death of his close friend. “I saw him get killed, and I knew that I had to find a way out so I chose music.”

Now Marlo has turned things around and is proud of the fact that he can be his own boss and do what he loves every day. He continues to create music that brings his struggle to life and inspires others. He plans to have a breakout year in 2016, and FYI Houston will definitely tag along for the ride!


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