Making Sure Black Don’t Crack

The black culture is pretty good at looking good. “Black don’t crack” is a mantra we live and die by. We as a people are lucky enough to be blessed with a genetic makeup that keeps many of modern societies afflictions at bay. There is one small problem, though; We have all seen that one person that proves that “black don’t crack” doesn’t apply to everybody. How can you make sure that it applies to you? Learn about your body inside and out!

FYI Houston takes it to the streets and talks with one of Houston’s newest and brightest estheticians in the game to give us some tips on how to make sure that we look our best for years to come.

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Take a Listen: MarloMusic

Take a listen at one of the freshest sounds coming right out of Houston’s Southside (Hiram Clarke to be exact). Marlo has been expressing himself through his unique music for years now and is quickly gaining followers.
He has had much influence from those Hiram Clarke streets, telling us “I get my whole street sound from growing up out here. It’s rough down here for us coming out of Houston, so that’s where I get the street sound from.

He has created his own unique sound and while his music is influenced by Houston culture, he differentiates himself from “the normal Houston sound”. In fact, he isn’t fond of his music being labeled, telling us “I make music! I hate to be put in one lane. I can make so many sounds.” He notes Lil’ Flip as his only musical influence from Houston. His other musical influences are actually Atlanta-based artists like Wacka Flocka, Chief Keef, and Gucci Mane. In fact, he tells us that he would prefer to sign to Wacka Flacka’s label right now if he could.

His performance style is very hype and turnt up, like that of his ATL influencers. Attend one of his shows and expect to see Marlo bring his music to life! There are no dull moments while Marlo’s music is blasting through the speakers. His stage presence has awarded him several opportunities to share stages and make music with more of Houston’s hottest talent. He has opened up for Kirko Bangz in front of a crowd of 2,000. He also has tracks with DJ Chose. He currently has some new music coming from collabs with Trill Sammy and DJ Chose in the works.

He has had some trying times in his life, from losing close friends and family, to almost dying himself and has served a stint in prison. He has had his share of struggles and roadblocks. He encourages his audience to “Stay focused on your dream, they do come true. Always put God first and you can make it out of anything.” He talks about his unfortunate start in the entertainment which was sparked by the death of his close friend. “I saw him get killed, and I knew that I had to find a way out so I chose music.”

Now Marlo has turned things around and is proud of the fact that he can be his own boss and do what he loves every day. He continues to create music that brings his struggle to life and inspires others. He plans to have a breakout year in 2016, and FYI Houston will definitely tag along for the ride!


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$hun is BAAACCCKK!!!

Houston artist $hun brings us some new heat with his visual freestyle to the classic “Shook Ones” instrumental. We recently introduced $hun to Houston’s Underground scene, and he is definitely making an impact Check out the statement $hun makes & follow his socials for more content coming soon.
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SoundCloud: _$hun_


New record “Slow Motion”, from J Metro touches on domestic abuse and violence in relationships that many face every day.

Giving lyrics that state the only thing left to do is leave, tells a message to anyone going through the problems of abuse in a relationship. The concept comes from a place where many speak on arguments that lead to physical altercations and sometimes more. If left the option to leave instead of an act of violence it would be best to leave.J Metro

Summed up in four mins, J Metro has made his latest hit record! Produced by Rueben Wood the record embodies an ambient feel and fluorescent sound sending its message to the listeners brain in a way that takes you on a brief journey. Focusing on conscience issues that everyday people deal with Metro’s new direction with his new album will truly wow critics and spectators.

If music wasn’t enough Metro has now launched his own Non-Profit Moore’s Cultural Artis & Music Foundation. The foundation will help indie acts get the funding for their projects they need to make a crossover to being mainstream. Be on the lookout for more info on this by April 2016.


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NEW MUSIC from Lita Styles

Lita Styles, a Filipino multi-creative from Houston, Texas releases her second music video for the bonus track Petty (featuring Bobby Earth) from her first Soundcloud debuted EP, From A Flower Pot. Following her first single, Angels on Mars, Lita anticipates giving something much edgier this time around. Lita embodies a strong feminine perspective with her sexy, sleek vocals over trap snares and lots of bass.

The track produced by Houston’s soulful-eclectic producer, Bobby Earth, also contributes a spacey universal sound and swag that does not go unrecognized. Without question, Petty highlights the lower register in Lita’s sound and showcases a smooth-soul meets hip hop, trap and R&B genres. Shot and directed by Houston-based Creative Director, M4RZ, this video is best with the lights down-low for a trippy escapade through Lita’s lucid dream and imagination. Lita Styles leaves her male viewers with their jaws on the floor and the females dancing and relating to her personable softness, and vulnerability. Following an exclusively sold-out mini preview party for the video’s release in Houston in December, the video has already attained over 300 views and cosigns from Grammy-winning vocalist, Tony Williams calling the video “artistically stimulating” as well as a Twitter shout-out/retweet from the legendary Swishahouse.

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Listen To: ‘From a Flower Pot’ EP HERE

Baltimore Emcee D. Yelv Releases NEW Single

Following up after the release of his music video, Homecoming,  D. Yelv releases a new single, Never Could Be, off of his upcoming EP, Cal Ripken

D. Yelv is a recording artist and founder of #Onthecomeup, a DMV based lifestyle and collective. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, D. Yelv is a rapper and songwriter. D. Yelv’s distinctive tone, poetic lyrics, and urban edge has quickly grown a grassroots fan base, while his tenacious work ethic has garnered him much respect from the DMV’s (DC- MD- VA) hottest artists, bloggers, and DJ’s.

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Visit the website HERE
Listen to more music from D. Yelv HERE

Free Expressionz Artwork & Design

FYI Houston caught up with Biana ‘Binky’ Lister, owner of Free Expressionz Artwork & Design to see what new things they have been up to. Not suprisingly, the company continues to experience growth. The company is currently preparing to launch their Create or Die Grant Foundation and also a mentor foundation to create opportunities for college students. Let me remind you that all of these things are happening while Binky attends graduate school in  pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Architecture. The grind doesn’t stop! Binky tells us more in our follow up interview. Continue reading “Free Expressionz Artwork & Design”

Fit In Meals by Andy

Talented entrepreneur has added a new twist to health & wellness communities worldwide

So how many of us want to look great? How many of us know how to achieve that? I mean really, with our super-busy lives who has the time? You mean I have to exercise and eat like a rabbit? Let’s be honest, the way most of our lives are set up we barely remember to eat!

Okay. Now that we’ve gotten those excuses out of the way, let’s talk SOLUTIONS. Right now we are in the first month of 2016 and we have made a resolution to become our best self, right? We’ve got some type of workout routine planned and that’s great, BUT we often tend to only focus on how we look on the outside. Now let’s focus on the inside. Fit In provides a way for us to benefit from home made healthy and filling meals at any time. Check it out:

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