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Houston, TX, October 28, 2015- Local Houston artist Susan Carol’ is releasing the first single off her upcoming EP Alchemy. The single titled Green and Brown was produced completely by Susan Carol’.

Green and Brown is a song for our generation to vibe to. Whether it is a night out on the town or just chilling with friends, it is a song that can jam through your speakers. Green and Brown will be available on Soundcloud and Youtube for free streaming.

Susan will release her EP Alchemy later this year and intends to prerelease two more singles in addition toGreen and Brown.

If you would like more information about this project, please contact Alex Kennedy at 281-932-3801 or at

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“Midnight Dreams” x J Metro

Already having 7 Billboard charting singles, now R&B singer/songwriter J Metro has his eighth charting single to date. “Midnight Dreams”, charted this week on Billboard’s Hot single sales charts, giving J Metro another career change.

This Houston based, artist has been gearing up to make 2015 his break out year, and that is just what has happen! Making headlines for his most anticipated body of work yet, Sentir Mon Amour has definitely created a new lane for the artist, that continues to put him in conversations with majors in the industry.

Written and produced by J Metro, “Midnight Dreams” is the third single from the neo-soul electrifying album *Sentir Mon Amour *which is still in the early stages of its success being released on July 10th digitally and in stores August 7th. The leading single “Bodyguard” charted at number 12 on Billboard’s Single Sales Chart, giving the initial push needed for the album to become successful.

J Metro was also featured on Great Day Houston’s Debra Duncan show as the in studio live band. While featured he performed some of hits and a special tribute to the city of Baltimore, MD. During this performance he was set to play “Midnight Dreams” but instead chose “In Our Streets” to address the community issues surrounding breaking news and media portrayals of current happenings.

Right before signing to The Orchard, his single “Shades of Gray” became the artists most successful billboard charting single peaking at #1 on the Hot R&B Singles chart.

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Official Press Release from Pretty Girls with Cancer ™

Kouture 2 Fight Kancer Charity Fashion Show was organized by Pretty Girls with Cancer ™ a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. The founder and CEO is Kandice Rose, who is a 5 year cancer survivor. To bring awareness of early detection and prevention, PGWC offers its signature event, Kouture 2 Fight Kancer, to you at Warehouse Live on November 7, 2015 at 7 o’clock in the evening. Survivors, fighters and caregivers will “rip the runway” wearing the latest trends in fashion from an elite selection of boutiques. Professional make-up artists and stylists will finish the look for each model. Our hostess for the evening will be Miss Sugar Land 2013.

In addition to the fashion show, there will be a silent auction, signature drinks, catered dining, and the biggest “Celebration of Life” afterwards with the founder, Kandice Rose.  Kandice will be celebrating Pretty Girls with Cancer ™ ‘s 3 year anniversary, along with her fifth year as a survivor. The night will have socialites, family, friends, and VIP’s, as well as corporate sponsors to raise funds for PGWC and provide support for the different programs they offer.

We look forward to seeing you all support a great cause and help us reach our goal of $15,000.

It will help us fund our programs including Totes of Love”, Glamping Retreat, Coinz for Kids with Cancer and our Sisterly Relations monthly events. Our volunteers, PGWC team, coordinators, Glam Squad and models have worked so hard to give you the “Best Charity Fashion Show in Houston”! Make sure to mark your calendars. Get your tickets NOW before they‘re all gone! For Sponsorship and Donations, please visit our website at

Purchase your tickets NOW at under “Pretty Girls with Cancer” Cocktail or evening dress is required for the after party and you must be 21

2015 Boutiques

Melodrama, Robigirls, Kels Kloset, My Trendy Place and Men’s Warehouse (Pearland)

Remember, your contributions are tax deductible, and more importantly, will aid us in the fight against cancer.


Latonya Dansby                                                         Kandice A. Rose

            Event Coordinator                                                Founder/ Executive Director  

The 9th Annual OG Ron C Texas Music Conference

Skyy-Lyfe Entertainment Publicity Firm is proud to announce this year’s 9Th Annual OG Ron C R.E.A.L Texas Music Conference will be returning to its original birthplace the legendary city of Houston, Texas. This highly anticipated gala will take place December 2-6, 2015 at the most premier venues throughout the city. Houston’s world renowned media center “House of Dereon” will headquarter a series of synchronized specialized carpeted charity events that are geared to motivate today’s upcoming musicians and other brand upstarts within the music industry while giving back to the less fortunate individuals that make us all relevant.

Entertainment industry tastemaker’s attendees range from local, regional, and national levels often times high profile celebrity personalities, professional sports athletes, political officials, as well as a steady stream of urban music moguls who share knowledge of their individual experience.The event is geared to be a continuous flagship that brings together a diverse group of experts, practitioners, and personalities that span the spectrum of the music industry. Within a professionally controlled setting, qualified individuals with distinction, network encouraging creative solutions for the challenges facing breaking into and maintaining a stable career in today’s entertainment monopoly. With the element of live performances for today’s local and national performers, this weekend has become a new trend with every continuing year.

Festivities to be included over the 5 day benevolence weekend include a celebrity benefit basketball game, a 2-day urban music conference, Hip-Hop benefit concert, various VIP meet and greet, Pop-up Shops, after parties hosted by special guest celebrities and Woman’s Empowerment Dinner & Winter Fashion Expo. The profits gained will be distributed across several non-profit charity organizations prior to Christmas day.

For nearly a decade, Skyy-Lyfe Entertainment Publicity and Strategic Marketing Firm has produced a Texas staple with the longest lasting music conference and Christmas Charity Affair in Texas, “The OG RON C R.E.A.L TEXAS MUSIC CONFERENCE”. This year, CEO, Founder, of Skyy-Lyfe Entertainment Seketha “Skyy” Wonzer, commonly referred to as “Texas Top Publicist,” and since has been deemed as “The Secretary of State,” is introducing a brand new series of Christmas Charity Events that will erect a stronger bridge between the entertainment industry entrepreneurs and moguls.
















Who are the Houston Intellectuals?

Who are the Houston Intellectuals?

They go by the name of Houston Intellectuals. Their description on Twitter, “intellectual anarchy,” is one of the few things which exemplifies what they stand for or are even trying to do. We also know that they all derive from Alief, an infamous school district in the Southwest side of Houston. We know they make music and from time to time release articles of clothing. Aside from that, not much else is known about them as a whole. Well, we can actually make 1 more assumption about them and that is that their music is influenced by drugs. HEAVILY!

Their group consists of five members: DOMINUS, Zae, Jeff thy Earl, ssgurd, and AZMEROM.

DOMINUS is the producer who produces everything they release.

Their three releases include: “The Houston Intellectuals”, Zae’s “72 Hours” EP, and DOMINUS’ self-titled debut mixtape. They also released multiple singles and DOMINUS’s “screw tape” entitled “LEAN LAND VOL. 1.” Their music is exclusively available on, with the exception of 2 videos on YouTube. They are very active on Twitter (@HtxIntellects), though each member has a personal account which gives a bit more insight into their personalities.

Anyway after asking them for an interview for what seems like months, they finally agreed to do one, but under their own conditions.

  1. “We don’t want you to say who said what, so just quote anything we say as coming from Houston Intellectuals, no specific names.”
  2. “Only 6 questions, so make them count”
  3. “We have to be faded when we link”

We agreed to meet in a forest they call “the forest of knowledge.” From the outside looking in, you would never think that these kids could hold a deep conversation, especially since they were looking so out of it. But even under the heavy influence of Xanax, they gave me a lot more than I expected.

So anyways, here it is, the very first interview the Houston Intellectuals have ever given:

  1. What is this intellectual anarchy thing about?

“We all kind of have our own definition for it but for the most part it’s like disorder, only in a more cognitive, planned out way. Like everybody knows this path laid out for the youth, you know? You go to school, find yourself a job that you’re probably gonna hate, and you’re kind of forced to be content with it. It’s almost as if the youth is being scared into following this path. We say fck that. Who’s to say you can’t make it in life relying on yourself, following your dream? Nah you can’t be scared. Make your own path, fuck what society says.” – Houston Intellectuals

  1. What are you guy’s favorite hobbies?

”Drugs, Music, and Thinking.” – Houston Intellectuals

  1. 5 favorite artists?

“Uhh for the moment? Hold up umm…. shouts out slug christ, shouts out smug mane, shouts out Bones, shouts out Yung Lean,  of course always love for Mac. And most of all shouts out Maxo Kream bro he’s putting Alief and Houston on the map.” – Houston Intellectuals

  1. Favorite drugs?

“We don’t discriminate, we love all drugs, well most. We all have our preferences … LSD, … amphetamines, … benzos, …Molly, and … purp. We do all drugs equally though, they’re great. You’d be surprised what you can find in your grandma’s medicine cabinet haha. You heard of trammies? Or GHB? Oh yeah and opiates, all that shit goes hard. Just make sure you always have a blunt in hand. – Houston Intellectuals

  1. It’s been a while since you guys dropped music, any specific reason for that?

“We’ve all been perfecting our craft and dealing with life & shit. We got hella music in the archives we just haven’t released it lately. We also just been experimenting with hella drugs & hella sounds. But really we all got shit we’re working on like solo projects. So expect a couple projects and hella new music really soon. After a few of those we’re eventually planning on dropping ‘Houston Intellectuals Vol. 2’. We’re coming back stronger than ever though. And oh yeah we see the fans that are sticking with us so don’t think y’all are going unnoticed.

  1. Any final words?

“Yeah a couple actually. One, follow your fucking dreams. I know everybody says that shit but if you believe then you can fucking achieve. We’re all 19 years old just out here doing our shit bruh just making moves. Yeah we still fuck up and make mistakes but we’re learning a lot as we go.

Also, don’t assume you know who we are or what we do. We’ve heard and seen so many misconceptions people have about us, it’s honestly hysterical. So yeah fuck everybody.

Honestly though we all kind of hate each other too (hahahaha). The only reason we chill together is because we all provide some sort of skill that’s gonna help to get us rich. But no seriously we all hate each other.

Oh yeah and if you can’t handle your fucking drugs, don’t fucking use them. You’re only giving drugs a bad name, and we don’t need that.


1x for Alief, Weeeeeeeeesttttttttttt” 

Are these guys going to be the next big thing out of Houston? Only time will tell.

Follow up with $hun

$hun from Houston followed up his $hunDay freestyles with a sick visual to a remix he
did on Mac Millers “Nikes On My Feet.” With sick kicks & dope scenery $hun is sure
to show everyone that he is a young OG in the sneaker game & soon to be a force to
be reckoned with in the rap game. Here’s a track here is a track he did on 9th wonder’s “make your move” instrumental.

Check it out & follow him on Twitter @_shunMeOut_ & on IG @_marshun_

“Banko La’Flare”

Crown Clique members Rocky Banks and Kwasei La’Flare blazed the summer with their much anticipated joint EP “Banko La’Flare”. These two keep listeners blasting each track at high volume with their unique flows and outstanding production provided by Daud Leon, Mission Kontrol, and Yung Trel. From the chant-worthy intro song “Yessuh” to the high energy club banger “Really Tho”, this project will keep you entertained from start to finish. Check out the latest on

You can also check out the official visual for “Really Tho” here :
Artist Info :
Rocky Banks
Twitter – @therockybanks
Instagram – @therockybanks

Kwasei La’ Flare
Twitter – @itsKwaseiluv
Instagram – @wavy.laflare

ATTN PARENTS! Read aloud to your child EVERYDAY

Parenting in the modern age can mean navigating a swamp of anxieties. How can I build his vocabulary? When will he read? Am I doing the right things to prepare him for school? Is she behind the other kids?

Familiar worries. Difficult questions. Thankfully, there is at least one right answer: Read Aloud 15 MINUTES. Every child. Every parent. Every day.

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