Follow The Leader – TroubleSum


Tabitha “TroubleSum” Grant is a native Houstonian, and one of the most influential female rappers in the city! Motivated by her son and love for the arts, she grinds effortlessly in her pursuit of success! With her unique look, voice and lyric choice, only time will tell you what you have been missing out on.

You should definitely follow her, and make sure to check out her latest project, “Follow The Leader”! With this being her 7th Mixtape, she has already build quite a buzz through various media channels online, so what are you waiting for, go follow the leader!

We asked TroubleSum to give some advice to the next generation coming up behind her, and here are a few tips she wanted to share with the youth:

1. Stay connected to God
2. Stay focused
3. Know who you are
4. Never compromise
5. Have a great attorney
6. Have an amazing team

TroubleSum looks up to Tupac and Beyonce as musical role models, and with goals of co-starring in a major film project, I can see why! In her spare time, TroubleSum listens to R&B, paints and also visits the local museums. She also has a hidden talent of “throw(ing) down in the kitchen,” so I’d say she’s the ideal artist, and wife, in my opinion!

-Jacob Isaac

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We Made It (Freestyle) – TroubleSum

Young Mexico – GT Garza

GT Garza is a young rap artist from the southwest side of Houston, TX, dedicated to acting as a representative of his people. He vows to give his family, friends, and fans music they can jam while inspiring and encouraging the aforementioned to hold their heads high. “I make it cool to be Mexican. We don’t just cut grass and build your roads,” he started. “I’m going to take us to the top.”


Garza admits he use to think music was for expressing how dope he was as an artist, or to out-rap everyone, proving himself as the best. Now, he feels empowered to uplift and motivate the people in his life and in his reach, hoping his music and community involvement help both younger and older generations to receive motivation and guidance in time of need.


Cool, calm, and collected, GT Garza appreciates all types of music, though he favors the hip-hop genre. One of his all-time favorite hip-hop artists is Eminem. “I like hearing dope freestyles or punch lines; that’s just where my heart is.” Garza stated. Though he doesn’t dislike any music, he knows what’s his taste and what isn’t. Aware that every person has different tastes, he noted that there will always be a need for a variety of talent and sounds.


GT Garza is involved with every component of his projects, from thought, to song-writing, to promotion, acting as a well-rounded musical artist. With the exception of production, he is hands-on in the entertainment aspect, working with a team who supports his movement. His favorite aspect of the entertainment and music industry is performing. “Just knowing you have fans you’ve never met, not only coming to see you but supporting your music—that energy is an incredible feeling.” said Garza. He started off planning and implementing his own showcases to display his talent. This led Garza to take part in the Live From the Underground Tour with artists such as Big Krit, Slim Thug, Tito Lopez, and Big Sant. “Traveling and performing in different cities up and down the East Coast, Midwest, and South made it the most memorable gig I’ve ever been apart of.”


GT Garza makes music as a profession and aims to be a master of his craft. He has plenty of ideas and techniques he has yet to try in the studio and looks forward to the outcomes of his creativity. Also an entrepreneur, Garza started his own business back in 2008, called The Machine Music Group, and he says it’s been growing ever since. “In the next five years, I want to expand since we already do our own in-house work and mechanicals,” he mentioned.


“The Legacy of Richie Valens” is the name of his last musical project he dropped just this past May. He finds this mixtape to be very special to him as two of his songs, “Screens Fall” and “Slab” made it to the radio, with the latter hitting number 1 on the radio charts. Garza is currently working on his next project, which is more geared to his desire to represent his culture, heritage, family, and friends. This October, Garza will be dropping his 2-disc album, “Young Mexico” and “Brown Funeral”. He received the opportunity to work with EQV Studios, a group of producers he’d never worked with before but experienced instant chemistry with in the music-making process. With the help of EQ, J Tracks, and 12, “Young Mexico” is a body of work Garza is proud of and knows it will speak volumes. Likewise, “Brown Funeral” will have much of the same effect, as it allowed him the opportunity to work with Platinum producer, Happy Perez. “I am a representative of my people. I speak with and for them.” Garza exclaimed. This 2-disc album is nothing more or less than a compilation of stories and ideals taught by his family. Wanting to give his fans something real, he figured what better way to portray “real” than speaking on what he’s learned, experienced, seen, and loves: his culture.


When Garza isn’t making music or doing business, he finds time to play basketball with his friends. Making it his responsibility to get involved in his community, he recently partnered with Satori Salon in the Heights to raise toys, food, clothes, and more to be distributed to charities and communities throughout the Greater Houston area.


Anyone interested in GT Garza’s music should be aware of his upcoming shows. He will first appear at the Latin Energy Fest in Dallas, TX on October 26 with Baby Bash. Garza will also be performing at the 97.9 The Box car show November 22.


Strong and optimistic, Garza knows problems and hardships will arise. However, he knows even better that a strong foundation and loving family can overcome all.


Business Spotlight: Boss Life Cigars

Boss Life Cigars

Everyone wants to look like a BOSS!

The need to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves prompted Bruce Bray, his brother Bryan and wife Tamaya launch a company that would fill that need.The brothers were devoted pack-a-day cigarette smokers who wanted to quit. They tried the popular e-cigarettes which helped for a very short time, but they soon discovered were not enough. Their need for something more sparked them to develop Boss Life Cigars, a premium disposable e-Cigar that provides customers with the most genuine electronic cigar experience on the market. The San Antonio natives are no strangers to hard work or creating a business from the ground up; Bruce is an entrepreneur who has had success in several industries, Bryan created his success in the IT field, and Tamaya has made her mark in the medical field.

Boss Life Cigars will allow you to enjoy an easy to use cigar that contains no smoke, no ashes, has no flame, and leaves no odor! You can also partake in the “Boss Lifestyle” as you smoke anywhere. Rapper and entrepreneur Slim Thug has championed the “Boss Life” movement for a while now, so it was only right to include him in the project to help bring the product to prominence. If you haven’t seen him sporting the Boss Life Cigar already in his music videos and virtually everywhere else he is, you will soon. The elite lifestyle that once was exclusive only to big-time bosses is now available to everyone! Look and feel like a boss anywhere as you enjoy your disposable e-cigar that will remind you of your favorite 7″ Corona style cigar.

In the future, Bruce plans to acquire nationwide distribution in liquor stores, introduce new flavors, offer rechargeable e-cigars, and partner with different liquor brands. Right now the cigars are distributed in several stores in Houston, Atlanta, and South Carolina (Seattle coming soon). They are also very active in the community and plan to implement more community initiatives along the way. Right now they have teamed up with Houston native and Prairie View University Alum, DJ Supastar, and the Supastar Spin Academy; where a portion of every purchase of Boss Life Cigars provides scholarships to sponsor new students every month. Bruce and his team want to inspire and encourage everyone to create the products that they use. “The next generation should not look to work for or promote a company and/or product that they do not own. We should want to own things instead of endorse them. Don’t be scared to create something.”

You can find Boss Life Cigars at some of Houston’ hottest night life spots, including: Mosaic Lounge, Exclusive Taste, Go Hustler Smoke Shop, Dreams Houston (coming soon), Champps Americana (coming soon).


Order Boss Life Cigars HERE to receive 25% discount!

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“I’m not here to create the perfect picture” – Ciara Carter

“I’m not here to create the perfect picture” – Ciara Carter

Ciara Carter is an aspiring soul singer from Beaumont, Texas. We have heard Ciara share her passion through Houston using her music. With high hopes of happiness, she changes between styles in her attempt to touch souls.

Ciara currently spends 80% of her time working on her craft. When she is not working, she loves to do yoga and also dance; so we see why her role models are Aaliyah & Beyoncé.

“I’m not here to create the perfect picture,” states Ciara, “I’m here to do what I was born to do, and that’s to be me!” We asked Ciara to share some advice for the generation that will come behind her, and she wants encourages them to follow their wildest dream.

After loosing friends and family through hardships, she continues to follow her dream before it’s too late. Not letting her own ignorance fo being afraid stop her from her pursuit.

-Jacob Isaac

Check out her music on Twitter & Instagram:

Also, Soundcloud:

Business Spotlight: 1st Ladies Bar – Mobile Bartending Service

1st Ladies Bar is a mobile bartending services that brings the bar to you. They can service your birthday party, bachelor and bachelorette parties, galas and balls, showcases, launch parties and more. Their services include seasonal signature drinks which serves as the basis of each package, and specialty treats like alcohol-soaked candies. They also offer a non-alcoholic menu for your non-alcoholic events.
In the future 1st Ladies Bar will to expand their brand to offering alcohol-infused smoothies and desserts. Also watch for Dope Decor, a service that uses recycled liquor bottles decorated with recycled magazines and newspapers to provide specialty packaging for their specialty treats.

This unique business was created by Lauren Reese and Kenya Hadnot, graduates of the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. They were fond of the night life and were considered party animals. “We found a way to utilize our love for the night life and everything in it to make us a little side money.”

These ladies used their desire to turn their love for the night life into a lucrative business venture. Their entrepreneurial spirit has served them well so far, and they plan to continue to ride the wave of success. Although, they did not always know exactly how they would attain this success, and encountered numerous roadblocks on their journey. Kenya tells us, “College was a struggle, but trying to get around corporate America was the roadblock. Everyone tried to tell me that you have to have money to make money, but i was insistent on building my business.” Her passion to become an entrepreneur led her to dodge some lucrative opportunities in the corporate arena, and she is happy with her journey and excited for what is to come. Lauren on the other hand, went the corporate America route and soon realized that is was not where she needed to be. Now she is 100% sure she wants to become a serial entrepreneur. “They didn’t teach us entrepreneurship in school, passion led us in this direction. The knowledge has definitely helped us in building our business.” 1st Ladies Bar is definitely building and expanding rapidly. “We want to take over Houston. When you think of bartending services, think of 1st Ladies Bar” says Kenya.

When it is time for your next event, alcohol friendly or not, you now know who to go to. Or better yet, who will come to you!

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-Coyo Alexander

Ken Randle – #YEMG

We first discovered and featured artist Ken Randle in our very first magazine issue in the Fall of 2012. Now he is back two years later doing it bigger and better than ever! We caught up with him to see how things are now:

What is your motivation?
-My family. Particularly my nephews, just seeing their faces makes me hungrier. Just knowing they are watching me and that I can somehow make a big impact on their lives, not just by being their uncle but by showing them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Just by chasing my dreams can give them the courage they need to follow theirs.

What is your favorite genre of music?
-All genres. I’m just a music lover in general. I am. Always been and always will be in love with the art.

What makes you unique?
-I’m me. The laid back guy that lets loose in the booth and gives all he has in him to give that feeling back to his listeners, where they remember the day, minute, second, and who they were with when they first heard my music.

Who is your all-time favorite role-model?
-The man himself. Prince.

What are your goals for the next five years?
-A couple of BET, American Music, and Grammy Awards would be nice!

Do you have a hobby?
I like to play basketball when I’m not writing or recording. I’m pretty good at it, I might add (Laughs). I’m always up for a game or two.

Do you have any hidden talents?
-I’m now showing off and releasing my ‘hidden’ talent to the world…singing! No one besides my family and a few close friends knew that I could sin until I released my very first record/video.

What are some roadblocks/struggles you overcame?
-I would have to say finally getting the courage to go after what I’ve dreamed of practically all my life, becoming an artist. I think when I gave myself a reality check, that no one is going to help. I grew up and began to do the necessary things to make my dreams a reality.

What is some advice you can give the next generation?
-Create the life that you desire. Know that no one is going to do it for you. Know that this is YOUR dream and no one is entitled to it but YOU. Do what you have to do to make the necessary first steps, and the rest will follow.

For more from Ken Randle:
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-Coyo Alexander

Business Spotlight: Monsta Inc. Kennels

“Breeding the finest bullies in Houston, TX”

Monsta Inc Kennels is owned by Houston native, Jerry, who currently resides in Pearland, TX, Jerry takes pride in the molding and creation of “his” art of”Breeding the finest bullies in Houston, TX”. His unique ambition to push with an undeniable work ethic brings some of the finest bullies we’ve seen, but Jerry constantly strives for better results.

Jerry started his first kennel in 2009. He bought his first home and adopted a mugleston bloodline male pit bull! Hip-hop was a great influence of his art and craft, as he overcame many of life’s obstacles. He encourages future generations to strive to achieve greatness, and remember: “The game is to be sold, not told.”


For more about Monsta Inc Kennels, visit:

White Lines in the Kitchen

I met a renaissance man- a lover and doer of many things- when putting together the Aggieland Cypher 2013. This guy had a natural connection to reggae, jazz, and the blues because of his father’s influence, and aside from playing the piano and trumpet from young, he freestyled with friends. However, he never did anything musically until about 3 years ago when he says, “I concluded me and my team were sicker than your average and we can really make this rap thing happen.” He’s a rapper, a vulgar lyricist and a beast on stage who plans on doing music in some form for the rest of his life, whether he’s performing or producing.

Ian Schreckenbach is one fourth of The C.R.E.A.M who recently dropped their debut project, “White Lines” produced by Platinum P.A.T. and Ian himself. Explaining his stage name, “Doc Strange” Ian stated “most people are strange, but I’m a professional”. Not only was he whipping up “White Lines”, but Ian admits “I can miss meals and not even notice while I’m in the lab cooking stuff up.” Ian described his music as the type you listen to over and over just to hear something new every time. He reminded me that it didn’t have to be deep in meaning because a track can have depth with sound. Strange, tripped out, and melodic are a few adjectives to describe Ian’s taste. “Basically, I try to treat a record like a chef would a meal. You need balance. Meat, vegetables… everything’s got to be in the right proportion,” he further related.

Born and raised about an hour north of Houston in Bryan, TX, it isn’t much of a surprise that Houston rappers have greatly influenced him in his passion for music. Aside from RZA-stabs, Ian likes lots of bass and slowed up tempos. He admits when he first started recording, he wanted to sound like Big Hawk. “Dude was slept on nationally and way ahead of his time in terms of delivery and flow”, said Ian. He is also a fan of Devin the Dude because of his originality and sense of realness. “‘Just Tryin’ Ta Live’ is forever in my iPod rotation”, he added. Ian also favored Chamillionaire and Paul Wall’s joint project “Get Ya Mind Correct” and believes this project was also slept on. Doc Strange was influenced by many others though, as he is a lover of timeless music. As a producer, he loves a wide variety of such, but he decided to stick to rap when listing influential greats. He referred to OutKast as a group of innovators, and also noted Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kanye West, Jay Z, and Notorious BIG for influencing his passion and path in the music industry.

The music and the fans, the relationships you make putting in the work, and the business itself are the very things that attracted Doc Strange to start cooking up his masterpieces of sound. He’s worked with many underground and upcoming artists during his few years of music-making and networking along with his band members Brad, Jimmy James, and Fly Ty. Doc Strange has collaborated with many artists on either music or videos.

Leaving the kitchen and entering the place of the “professionals”, Doc Strange referenced the importance of entrepreneurship in the rap industry to stay relevant. “Having multiple avenues or a strong brand is the way to do it,” he explained. LOVETHECLINIC is the creative company Doc Strange so proudly pushes, as they shoot videos, come up with ideas, and sell merchandise.

Ian wants to impact people all over the world with his music, hoping to reinforce the belief that everyone can be greater. Feeding off good energy from friends and fans, Ian truly believes that music is his passion and we should all do what we love and love what we do.

Business Spotlight: Halena Designs

Halena Designs

Halena designs is a small boutique featuring custom and traditional pieces highlighting Eritrean culture. The company was established by Halena, who is a native of Eritrea and currently living in Detroit. “Jewelry is an easy, functional and beautiful way to incorporate culture into everyday wear.” she tells us.

Halena has two focuses with her company: to make beautiful jewelry that women can enjoy for any occasion as well as introduce customers to the unique and rich Eritrean culture. “I love the fact that something I create can bridge the cultural gap for Eritreans living in diaspora. It also brings awareness to Eritrea and its rich culture, as well as making it easily accessible to all who admire it.”

You can purchase this beautiful jewelry on their website and it will be delivered to you (almost) anywhere you are in the world.

-Coyo Alexander

Follow Helena Designs:
IG | @HalenaDesigns

MC Freddoe – PYMU

MC Freddoe – PYMU

MC Freddoe – born and raised in the new city that never sleeps, Houston, TX.

The circumstances of life and favoritism for R&B, mixed with Pop, influenced his drive and love of hip hop! Regardless of the struggles still obtained through his circumstances,Freddoe still strives with influence of Jordan, and the goals of earning the fame, finally living stress free in a mansion!

MC Freddoe encourages the next generation to work hard and be patient. “You gotta get it done yourself,” says Freddoe. He knows that nobody is out here supporting your dream, unless they see you chasing it first!


Check out his website and follow him on Instagram: