Step into Tha Limelight

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XO Tha Limelight Prince, Entertainer
XO Tha Limelight Prince, Entertainer

He was born a prince and XO defines his style as unknown. When you put it all together you get XO Tha Limelight Prince. He is a unique rap artist, singer, songwriter, and promoter. He even dances. He doesn’t put himself into a box and create the same music as his peers, but he enjoys good music and making good music. It is his passion and what he loves to do. If you ever see him in public, he is likely to be dancing, singing, and rapping. The artist jokes and tells us, “I could have been rapping and dancing in my T-lady’s (mom) stomach for all I know.” He reminisces on his first performance at church when he was 7 years old singing Kirk Franklin’s “He’s Able.” Xo never wanted to be anything else but an entertainer.

XO was blessed to play a couple of songs for Scarface. He explains, “He jumped out of his seat and gave him 2 thumbs up.” Tha LimeLight Prince is a member of the rap group, Tha H. The group consists of himself, Hood Star Chantz, K. Feddy, and Novocain. Scarface even named their group and allowed them to open up for him at his concert. The artist describes his performances as being in ‘Astroworld’–something you can only find in the H and expect to see hip hop at its rawest form.

In the future, he plans on giving a face to H-town music. He says, “I feel like my city’s culture has already affected hip hop music for today’s generation already.” He believes it is up to him to be the forefront to Houston music and culture. When you hear Houston music, you will think of him.

Without music, I would be…In trouble.
Music is…Fresh Air and medicine.
My music makes me feel…Free.
I write these songs because…I would go crazy if I had to keep it in.
Support music because…Music heals. It is a language for the soul.

-Tinka Bell Israel

Life In My Environment: LIME

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