Southside Mighty, formally known as Mighty G

Southside Mighty, formally known as Mighty G, now lives in Pearland, Texas. Southside does not only rap, he makes his own tracks; records and masters his own vocals; edits video; and hosts a video countdown show.

Inspired by Tupac’s ability to make timeless music, Southside creates songs in a similar essence. He crafts songs about real life situations, that people still face today; not just blacks, but all races. Southside’s goals over the next five years is simple – “To become nominated for best new artist of the year,” says Southside.

“I make instrumentals… I try to make at least three a day…” says Southside, explaining how he does not consider himself a rapper. “After hearing (the beats) so often, I begin to write lyrics…and at the end of the day I have a song or 2.”

Forced to learn how to think outside of the box, Southside experienced a few setbacks on his journey. After having his studio equipment stole, including: keyboards, computers, dj equipment, mixers, mics, laptops; Southside still got back to work, buying more to start over.

“Dealing with the fact that I had to leave my family behind while I go on the road was hard,” says Southside Mighty.

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