Sky Culture: Stay True to Yourself

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Urban flare, street, and also simplicity are just a few examples that Sky Culture Clothing owners, Corey & Corey use in their line to express themselves. Growing up and always fly, repping brands of clothing that other kids never heard of. They always had an eye for fashion, so during college the two innovative young men and a few others established an organization of individuals with similar styles and creativity working to break the mold of fashion and mainstream society. “We want our clothing to appeal to the masses, not just skateboarding and surfing, but we want to hit every demographic and genre of streetwear.”

The Sky Culture Clothing line targets 13 to 40 year olds. It is classy and comfortable, but at the same time simple and sleek. Gaurantees creativity and swagger.The fashion line consists of graphic tees, hoodys, 5 panels, snapbacks, long sleeves, and accessories to go along with their trendy fashions. Currently, their Spring line has a strong influence of retro and camo colors.
“Sky Culture Clothing was a blessing in disguise.” Their original name was Supernova, but unfortunately Adidas got their hands on it. So the young aspiring professionals put Sky Culture name with their signature classic parachute logo with their slogan, “Created in the Clouds.” It was sky’s the limit from there. The clothing line has grown and expanded immensely. Corey, one of the founders, mother is a huge support and major part of the business. So if you have ever received your shipment in one day of ordering, it was because of her.

To stay up on their game, the founders are constantly reading up on upcoming trends about what’s hot and what’s not. They consider themselves visionaries. They have a personal designer who brings their designs to life. Sky Culture Clothing has a lot of different fashions and goals in the next couple of years. Some influencing brands of Sky Culture are fashion labels such as: Diamond, 10 Deep, Entree and UNDEFTD, just to name a few. We can look forward to their upcoming sneakers and fitted sweatpants with in their next several lines.


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