Godson is Locking up Houston’s Fashion Game

We caught up with Shop Godson owner and designer Chris Garcia to see what he has been up to since we last talked. It looks as though Shop Godson is planning to solidify itself as one of Houston’s premiere clothing brands. The owner has improved his skills through education, and put in the work to create a brand that he is proud of.  It’s been a while since we last spoke with Garcia, but we have followed the brand and have witnessed  the progression since our last interview, and we’re impressed.

What have you been up to since we last talked to you?
Summer lean Manufacturing engineering internship with Daikin. Working with manufacturers for some new pieces. Reading. Working out.

How have you grown since we last talked to you?
In every way, I’m more focused than ever. Went vegan in March, haven’t looked back. Taking my health and fitness more seriously. Getting back to my roots. Back riding my motorcycle. You’ll see these changes reflected in my upcoming collection. Things are falling into place in every area. GOD IS GREAT!

What is the most important life-lesson you have learned since we last spoke?
Pay the cost now so I can’t pay any price tomorrow.

What do you have planned in the coming months?
A new fresh brand direction

What future projects can we look forward to?
Dropping new cut and sew pieces. Stay tuned via my IG (Instagram: @shopgodson) story and Snapchat story 🙏




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