Royal Konnection owner Natalie Coleman reveals how you can rock her exclusive gear for fall and winter

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FYI Houston keeps you updated with the latest trends FIRST. In the fashion realm, we have another new comer who goes by the name of Royal Connection, representing Houston, TX by way of Dallas, TX.

 FYI Houston talks with owner and creator, Natalie Coleman to find out the scoop on the latest fashion for the winter, her go-to styles, and how you can rock your own exclusive Royal Konnection gear.

Royal Konnection Clothing is a street wear fashion company based in Houston, TX. The clothing line was started by 23 year old Natalie Coleman of Dallas, TX. Typically a very quiet and shy individual, Natalie has always had a passion for fashion and for the past eight years she has been developing her skills and perfecting her craft. She is currently pursuing a degree in Digital Media at University of Houston. Natalie originally started her career as a designer of women’s streetwear, but her unique styles quickly gained popularity from males as well and now she has expanded the brand to include men and women fashions. She admits that while she has had pleasurable success, she has had her share of struggles as well. Natalie sits down and talks more about her story below:

How did you start your career?:  I started my career originally only designing for women and homie5focusing on bringing a strong street-wear presence allowing them to be sexy but still have that tomboy edge. Eventually, after getting so many requests for apparel for men, I decided to turn Royal Konnection into a unisex brand. I was inspired originally by Leah McSweeney of Married to the Mob and Miss Lawn of HLZ BLZ.

Do you have any formal training in design?: The pursuit of this degree has given me my base in designing street-wear, I feel. I’ve always fiddled with Adobe Illustrator but once I started this program my skills blossomed and it’s given me an advantage.

What is the fashion scene like where you live?: It’s booming. So many new and creative brands emerging. Some scenes are typical but others are definitely breaking the mold like the The Republiq Fashion Show. Every time I go Kevin has done something new and refreshing bringing out more and more people each time. 

Royal Konnectionelijah8What are some basic guidelines you follow when creating a new design or styling someone? My brand is centered around the theme of being a “Konnect”, which is a member of a self-appointed group of individuals who undertake law enforcement within the community WITHOUT legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate. So we are always looking to give off that sort of vibe in what we produce that comes from Royal Konnection. We select strong individuals with a mission to create with.

What are some go to styles for this winter season: As of right now I see the souvenir jacket is going to be a big hit this winter. I’ve spotted many celebs in it from Drake, who has his own version with OVO, to Gucci who released one in their F/W ’16 collection.

What is the most interesting thing about what you do: I do everything myself. I don’t have a main printer, unless the job is intricate. I design, I print, and I provide my own material.

Royal Konnectionhomiept3What are your goals for the brand in the future?: I would like Royal Konnection to be worldwide with a report of success within the fashion industry. I’m looking for retail slots supporting local and emerging brands whether it be online or in-stores.

What are some roadblocks/struggles you overcame?: Deciding when I was going to focus on myself and really be about my dreams for once.

What is some advice you can give future generations?: There are times when you may come to a block in your creative path or you feel as though someone else is further than you, focus on what you are creating and with hard work and patience it will come to you. Everyone’s path to success is different.

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