Rock n Rolla: The kid handling grown man business

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Meet Tha Kid Rock N Rolla

Rock N Rolla

Tha Kid Rock N Rolla is a young artist representing the southside of Houston, TX. The young artist hasn’t even graduated from high school yet, but he is definitely handling grown man business. Already the entertainer has positioned himself amongst a solid team of individuals and is making quality, ready-for-radio music. He is a member of the Ballout Music Group (BMG) and Only My Brother (OMB) squad (view BMG’s interview here)

Rock N Rolla

One thing that stands out the most about Rock n Rolla is that his flow sounds a lot more mature than his age. He has had to deal with close friends passing due to street violence, so he has had to grow up much faster than his peers. He started rapping because he wants to be an example for  his community and friends. He wants to show everyone that you can do anything you put your mind to. He literally started rapping in his closet! From there, he progressed to performing for his friends and at block parties. Now, the young artist is in the studio daily and releasing highly anticipated music.

Rock n Rolla’s music style is very energetic. He likes to make music that makes people have fun. He has been influenced by artists like StunnaBam, Z-Ro, and Lil’ Keke. However, the artist attests that he definitely possesses a style that is all his own.

img_1608While the young artist represents his city to the fullest, he actually has a different perspective when he describes the influence his city has had on him. He explains, “It’s a kind of a bad influence because no one’s really trying to work together, and everyone is always competing with each other.” However, Rock n Rolla is still very optimistic about his career. His affiliation with BMG/OMB has him surrounded by people who truly support him and wish him success. With a team like that, and a flow like his, we can see why he believes in his dreams so strongly.

Recently Rock n Rolla has released his latest mixtape Handwork is Appreciated which he is very excited about. The mixtape can be downloaded on (Download Handwork is Appreciated HERE)


Follow Rock n Rolla:
Twitter: Bmg_RocknRolla
IG: thakid_rocknrolla



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