“Realize Everyone Ain’t Loyal And Hustle Hard.” -R.E.A.L.A.H.H.


REALAHH, 24  is an up and coming hip hop artist makes waves on the Houston underground scene. “I speak for the streets, those in jail, and those who aren’t alive. I feel that the world needs to see that H-Town has more to offer than syrup and swangas’.”  Realahh  urges that he will do his part to bring a new light to Houston rap. He prides himself on his individuality saying, “I’m me, [they’re] themselves. You know they got REAL niggas everywhere, but I’m REALAHH.”

You can find REALAHH’s latest self-titled mixtape in local stores in Houston like Bone House on Cullen Blvd & Idaho St, Mobil gas station on Scott St & Elgin St, and G’s 1 Stop Liquor  on Scott St & Sunbeam. You can also look out for his mixtape on Dattpiff.com.

-Coyo Alexander

K-Feddy feat. REALAHH- Back to Back

Listen to REALAHH
‘Free Meech’ 
IG: @religionrealahh
FB:Realahh BIPJazz Rashad
Manager: Aaron 832.358.4659

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