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Michael Adam’s Jr., musically named Quality & Appearance, grew up in North Houston in a community called Acres Homes (Heather Glen). Growing up, he was raised by both his parents with very strict guidelines as a youth. His father was very particular about how things were done. There was no room for slacking ,sleeping in late or half doing things. Soon he learned if he didn’t do what they asked of him the right way, he would have to go and redo it all over again because the quality of the the job was poorly executed. He didn’t grow up rich, but his father made sure he had exactly what he needed. All clothes had to be ironed and all shirts tucked in nothing outside of the pants. No sagging pants and a belt had to be worn at all times. He wanted their appearance to always be at its best no matter where he went. This was because you never knew who you may run into while you are out. So that’s what Quality & Appearance symbolizes.

Hip hop was introduced to Quality at an early age. He has been writing rhymes since 14, but only got serious when he turned 23. Its just something he fell in love with and never gave up on. “Its just something about being on stage,” says Quality.
Formerly of Connect City, which consisted of a slew of exceptional talent like Dona, Grizz, Navalie, B, Mittenz, Slim, Ant, and J. He says those are still his brothers, but musically, he had to branch off and get #ONMYQSHXX4EVA. Dona stills records his vocals and occasionally he receives tracks from Grizz and hopes to bang out a project soon!
Quality was determined to go back to school and get his degree, and this was something he had to do for himself. “It wasn’t an easy task with all the late nights that came with being an artist, but I was resilient and finished,” says Quality. He received his degree in Business Specializing in Finance.
With 2017 closing, its only right to release his long awaited  EP “FDV” (FROM A DIFFERENT VIEW)  featuring his latest single “Steppin” its available on all digital platforms such as iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify, just to name a few.
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Photo credit: Joseph Williams
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