Prosper in EVERY Bite

Have you ever heard the wise old adage “Health is wealth?”  It may sound like just another catchy slogan, but the veracity this phrase carries with it is astonishing. For quite some time in America now, Black people and/or those of African descent have been made mindful of and are often reminded about the harsh realities inherent in our culture, but not importance of being healthy. In this day and age many Black people are still clinging to the recipes of old at every family gathering. Be it the ever-so-obvious first on the list: fried chicken, peach cobbler, baby back ribs, oxtails, pigs feet or collard greens; Black people in general have been eating this way on a consistent basis for quite some time now, much to our detriment.

In more recent years however, while the meals themselves haven’t changed much, the animals and ingredients used to prepare such meals are nothing like they used to be. With factory farms replacing family ones and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) running amok in the American food supply, a traditional Black family meal has become a feast of fat and falsities.

Beyond this fact stands another one even more disheartening; fast food has replaced family meals. This poses an even worse problem for our health as a community for one because there are no labels and thus no speculation or suspicion about what these “frankenphoods” contain, which fruits and veggiesmeans GMOs can and are used and served in copious amounts on a daily basis. I am writing this article not because I want to sell anything or strictly chastise my people, but because I want to offer a non-monetary means of prosperity, FOOD. Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.E.) once stated, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” which still holds true to form today. Remember we were once kings and queens, therefore it is my belief that we should eat like it. In closing, one of the most beautiful parts about being healthy is that you don’t have to be rich to do so, but the rewards reaped will make you feel like royalty.

Peace and Love,
Rahq’El Savid

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