“Pole dance, Chair dance, Belly dance, and Stretching”

These days it seem like the new hangout spot is where you can go to watch pole dances. Females are visiting these establishments as “Ladies Nigh Out” events and they do not seem to be taboo locations for guys to take their female companion out for a drink. For those of you interested in taking the more applied approach to experiencing pole dance, the fine people at Verticality Pole Fitness are here to give you the information that you need. And don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience they offer small classes and a fun friendly exercise environment

Verticality Pole Fitness, which first opened its doors in June 2011, is located at 554 Waugh Drive in the River Oaks area of Houston Texas. Their classes are focused on fun as they workout to different kinds of music in the many classes they offer in addition to pole dance. Although their most popular classes are the pole classes, which combine dance, gymnastics, strength and flexibility, you might find one of the other classes they offer interesting. They also offer pole conditioning, chair dance, belly dance and stretching, lower body and core toning. These classes are held 7 days a week and each class lasts 55 minutes. They also offer longer workshop sessions as well as private parties. What make their classes different from other aerobics classes are their approach to drop dress sizes and gaining a sense of confidence. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true?

So what are the pros and cons of the classes? Well, one thing someone can appreciate from the class structure is that classes are small and cap attendance at one student per pole, 20 on non-pole classes, so students get personal attention. While most students love this, with a small class, you cannot hide. So, this is something students can love and hate. In the pole dance classes, the main emphasis is on the upper body and core but they also address lower body toning in our Abs, Booty, Core class.

One of the challenges that Verticality Pole Fitness instructors face is putting together a class each week that pleases our customers. Their goal is to offer a class that is fun, challenging, and safe but this can be quite a balancing act and student input is a motivation. This is great because students have the opportunity to make the class their own and that increases individual motivation to achieve fitness goals.

Speaking of goals, Verticality Pole Fitness trainer, Christine who has been pole dancing for almost 6 years wants, to continue to grow by satisfying the needs of her current customers. Like many women, I struggled with finding a workout that I enjoyed and would continue long term. I was curious about pole dancing, but couldn’t find anyone who would try a class with me. Then, I broke a couch on my birthday. It was not a feel good moment. After that happened, I decided to be brave and try a class on my own. It was the most challenging – and fun – workout I had ever done, and I still love it today!” She says, “We have a points program that encourages referrals, and we also participate in trade shows. My goal is to outgrow the current location – we still have a way to go!”


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