Paris Le Rouge introduces Aggressive Cloud Rap

Paris Le Rouge

Paris Le Rouge

“I’m in between modest and conceited.”

The young artist Paris Le Rouge has created his own genre of music which he calls ‘Aggressive Cloud Rap’. His music is aggressive, passionate, and innovative. If you hear a song or two, or even an entire album from Paris Le Rouge don’t think that you’ve gParis Le Rougeot his style figured out. He says, “My style of music can be described as aggressive, passionate, and innovative. I experiment with sounds and flows often to keep things fresh. I stay ahead of trends and switch things up frequently. I can’t really be put into a category with anyone else. My sound is unpredictable, nobody knows what I’ll drop next. It gives a fun feeling for listeners, not knowing what to expect.”  Although the artist’s name is inspired by a European country, he cannot deny his Houston roots. “At first, I was heavily influenced by Houston music. I don’t know if I would’ve ever gotten started if it wasn’t for my city. I’ll always appreciate the culture and history of Houston.”

Paris Le Rouge

My sound is unpredictable, nobody knows what I’ll drop next. It gives a fun feeling for listeners, not knowing what to expect.”

The Houston native created his name out of a need to reinvent himself. Paris Le Rouge means Paris the Red in French. “I wanted a name that sounParis Le Rougeds unique and artistic. Paris is a place full of art, and I integrated my favorite color into it. It came out of me brainstorming a way to reinvent myself. And then Paris was born. As I grew up, I started expanding my vision; started watching different parts of the nation and the music styles. That’s when I started branching out and trying new things.” He got his start in music as a method to cope with his younger brother’s leukemia diagnosis. “Writing lyrics was the only thing that made sense to me.” One day, his dad discovered some of his music and was so impressed that he brought him to friends’ studio to record, and he has been creating his music ever since.Paris Le Rouge

I wanted to become an entertainer because it’s the art I was meant for.

Paris Le Rouge has found his lane and is now workingParis Le Rouge to perfect his craft and enjoy the journey. My art is both music and fashion. I enjoy the expression, the art, the possibilities, everything. There’s no other way I’d rather be living life. I do this. I express myself at all times through the music I make and the way I dress. The reaction and enjoyment it gives people make it worth the time, money, and sacrifice I put into this.”


Check out Paris Le Rouge latest visual Roxanne here. Stay tuned to FYI Houston for more from this artist.

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