In today’s society, only social pariahs are those whose bodies aren’t adorned with tattoos. This is in stark contrast to society’s previous perspective on tattooing, which considered tattoos to be the mark of persons involved in, shall we say, less-than-admirable activities. These days, the question isn’t whether to get a tattoo or not, the real question is who do you go to, to receive legendary ink?

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BossLady Jaye, Houston TX

“My grind separates me because I am consistent and I have a true god-given talent” – BossLady Jaye

BossLady Jaye is a passionate female rapper who is no stranger to the entertainment world. Born and raised on the Southside of Houston, Texas she has done everything from poetry, dancing, acting, to beauty contests. She found her true calling in music and became fully committed to her profession in 2009, and hasn’t looked back since. She is focused on success in the rap game and intent on making history with her talents. She was an introverted youth, who took to writing in her poetry what she couldn’t share with others. She moved from poems to rap and quickly discovered her purpose when she was introduced to music. She was amazed by the entire process and fell in love the first time she recorded and was reassured of her calling during her first live performance. She says “This is definitely a passion of mine and I love it. Every moment of the grind, the long nights, the sacrifices, the love from the fans and other artists…”

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Josh Carter, New York NY

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the talented and hilarious Josh Carter off stage, or if you’ve never had the opportunity to see him do his thang on stage, you don’t want to miss this performer’s unique style of comedy any longer. Josh Carter is a native of Brooklyn, New York where he embarked on his professional career in 2008. Aside from being a comedian, Josh describes himself as laidback but he always loved being the class clown, making his peers laugh. He says, “I would always sign up for all the school talent shows and even made funny morning announcements in front of the school.” Despite his outgoing personality, Josh says, “I was nervous to hit the standup stage until about the age of 19. I like to eat and drink microbrews, so call me a foodie (if you’re a hipster). In NYC, they consider being a ‘foodie’ a hobby. I am also a big football fan. I mostly love watching my teams though, the Aggies [Whoop!], Giants and Jets,” he says.

As a promising comedian whose interesting approach to stand-up comedy locates that sweet spot where style, presentation, and delivery meet to produce fresh and new comedic material, Josh Carter’s show is certainly one you won’t want to miss. Josh offers great insight into what he feels comedy in the entertainment industry needs and gives us the secret to his growing success as a comedian. When we asked him what makes his style of entertainment different from other comedians? He explained, “right now [sur] real [comedy] is in. If you watch comics like Louis CK (born Louis Szekely) or stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress, they’ve perfected [the art of] highlighting people [and] society’s ridiculous actions by being 100% real and honest in their [comedic social commentary and criticism].” He says this kind of comedy is “hilarious because we’re all brought up to be polite and let certain things go without saying anything.”

So, what exactly does Josh Carter have to offer to his fans? He says, “I’m unique in that I am working on doing the opposite, I will highlight the ridiculousness by getting into that character who agrees 100% and says, ‘since this is true, this also must be [true]’.” His creative vision for how to bring comedic relief to the people is driven by his desire to “bring it to the next level.” He says this “is funny because hopefully you won’t need someone to dispute [the ridiculousness of some social norms], at that point everyone in the room gets on the same page right then and there.” His artistic style is reminiscent of comedic greats like Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Bill Burr and Mitch Hedberg all of whom he lists as comedians who have influenced his work. With influences like these, we know we can expect great things from Josh Carter.

As an aspiring comedian, Josh shares his insight on how the entertainment industry effects this generation as both an entertainer and a consumer. From a performers perspective, he says, “doing comedy is very competitive at times and because it’s subjective you may [get discouraged] when other people are getting the opportunities you thought were perfect for you. But you just [have] to realize that that’s life and every opportunity [that] you get, there are 100 entertainers who feel that way too.” What keeps Josh focused on achieving those small victories until he becomes “a big name in comedy, on TV & movies,” which are his ultimate goals for his career, he says, is “the next show [and] the glory [he] gets from fans that makes [him] forget about the contest or audition that [he] lost out on.” As a consumer of art and entertainment, Josh says, “entertainment has always been the most powerful force on how we as a society live our lives. What we think is [trending], who we find sexy, and [it] will always be like that. Right now, it’s all about what you have [and] I hope that one day it can go back [to] being who you are.”

Josh seems to have very strong opinions about how the entertainment industry appears to exercise power, from the top-down, on society. With the work he is doing in comedy, he is bringing people to realize how some social norms are ridiculous by way of comic relief. Josh will help us see just how influential consumers like you and I are in letting the entertainment industry know what we like and what we don’t like. Consumers have buying power, we let entertainers and the entertainment industries know what we want by the ratings that TV shows get when we tune-in to watch (or not), and the kinds of music we want to hear when we go out and purchase or download certain artists. Then again, maybe the truth in what Josh says comes from his observation of the types of shows, music, and other entertainment that are most popular now. Think about it, but don’t think about it too long or you might miss out on an amazing stand-up comedy act.

Josh tells us “right now [he] produce[s] a really hot weekly show at Beauty Bar in NYC. It’s every Friday at 8pm and on top of seeing me, I produce it with two other really hot comics and we get some of NYC’s hottest acts as seen on TV. to drop by. Best part is it’s a free show. I’m also trying to get a writing packet together to send out and hopefully break into TV within the next year or two.” If you’re like us here at FYI Houston and you want to find out more about Josh Carter you can join his mailing list or follow him on twitter @GoshCarter.

Chayla Williams, Houston TX

Chayla Williams

When it comes to entertaining, Chayla Williams is a master of the art. Professionally trained in both song and dance, Chayla possesses the perfect combination of talent. The Houston, Texas native realized pleasant success as a former NBA dancer and now hopes to realize a long awaited dream of becoming a Pop Star. The artist is passionate about her endeavour,  saying Its all Ive ever felt completely satisfied in doing. She credits Mariah Carey with being her biggest vocal influence,  and  the late Michael Jackson as the biggest influence on her performance.  Chaylas philosophy is to make fun of life, and wants to carry that principle into her music.

Chayla has big dreams for her entertainment career and knows exactly how to make them come true. With her dancing background and interior designing skills, she hopes to bring life to her performances.  

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GQ Marley, San Antonio TX

GQ Marley is a self – driven artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He is known for his witty metaphors, clever word play, and sarcastic humor.  He describes himself as a sophisticated stoner that believes in the principles and philosophies of his namesake (Bob Marley). He is an ambitious, educated college student who has been writing rhymes since he was 14 for all music genres. He is a confident, ambitious stoner who goes against all common stereotypes of the rap culture, and hopes that his image will motivate others to be different and feel comfortable in their own skin.

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Lance George aka Gunzo – Underground Music from St. Lucia

Lance George began his career as a rapper in 1998 when he was a high school freshman and realized that no other career was important to him. Since then he has been putting it down on the microphone for over a decade on his native island of St. Lucia, with aspirations to branch out beyond the island and make an impact worldwide. The rapper describes himself as an eclectic individual, shedding numerous shadows of himself, each of them being unique to his holistic development. The artist envisions his music as a tool to teach the youth temperance, positive thinking, and ways to overcome or prevent negative situations.

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