Jono Jono – The Life EP

Blazing the R&B scene with thrash metal solos, poetic lyrics and smooth vocals. American singer/song-writer/guitarist/producer JonoJono (birthname: Jonathan Harris) was Born in Coral Springs, FL on Feb. 11, 1993. At 13, he got his 1st Fender Strat and immediately started practicing every day while training his vocal abilities in church and at school. Experimenting with the fusion of soulful melodies and aggressive vocals, he fine-tuned the seamless integration of distortion and volume associated with hard rock with the melismatic and synthesizer-heavy sounds associated with R&B. By the year 2017, JonoJono debuted with “Life (feat. Neisha)” on June 6th which combines the essence of R&B/Soul and Hard Rock accented with an intense 80’s thrash inspired guitar solo . Continue reading “Jono Jono – The Life EP”

Jen Miller – “Fine” ft Eros

About the song:

“I wrote the record at my parents home and I remember sending it to Jake that evening. It was just a demo and that was nearly a year ago. Once we got Harold’s verse, it felt so right! I knew we needed to get a group of our friends together to shoot a video,” said Jen Miller. “I had never produced a video but the one thing I knew was that I wanted a female director.” Continue reading “Jen Miller – “Fine” ft Eros”

Quality & Appearance

Michael Adam’s Jr., musically named Quality & Appearance, grew up in North Houston in a community called Acres Homes (Heather Glen). Growing up, he was raised by both his parents with very strict guidelines as a youth. His father was very particular about how things were done. There was no room for slacking ,sleeping in late or half doing things. Soon he learned if he didn’t do what they asked of him the right way, he would have to go and redo it all over again because the quality of the the job was poorly executed. He didn’t grow up rich, but his father made sure he had exactly what he needed. All clothes had to be ironed and all shirts tucked in nothing outside of the pants. No sagging pants and a belt had to be worn at all times. He wanted their appearance to always be at its best no matter where he went. This was because you never knew who you may run into while you are out. So that’s what Quality & Appearance symbolizes.

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2 Woke Gurls – Podcast


Two new, yet familiar voices have burst onto the podcasting scene, hailing from Houston, Texas. ‘2 Woke Gurls’ features the opinions, critiques, and jokes of Third Ward’s own Lauren (@isankofa) and Trina (@beauxbeena). You may have seen Lauren and Trina’s colorful takes on your timelines, but 2 Woke Gurls is a platform that allows the discussion of pressing issues at the intersection of Blackness, womanhood, and queerness without the constraints of a 140-character limit or 15 second videos. The show is available for subscription and download on iTunes,, and the 2 Woke Gurls app in Google play store and the Apple store. Continue reading “2 Woke Gurls – Podcast”

Mr. Houston Texas is Holding True To His Name

We recently caught up with Mr. Houston Texas to get an update on what he has been up to.  With a combination of wins and losses, Mr. Houston Texas has not lost any pep in his step. He has plenty of music in the works and is even venturing into the fashion game with a new clothing brand. When your name is Mr. Houston Texas, you’ve got to come with it. Texans are serious about people taking such a huge claim on the state.  Find out what the artist has been up to here.

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Need Visuals? Book DOPE IMAGES

Dope Images is a photography and videography company based in Houston a variety of professional video services to all.

We caught up with the owner, Tristian Turner who has been extremely busy serving the Houston area. It looks like business is looking good in the visual industry, and Dope Images is gaining a stronghold on the market by consistently producing quality visuals. We take a look at what Tristian has been up to since our last interview.

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