Business Spotlight: Verticality Pole Fitness

“My students motivate me—I want to bring them the best class I can possibly provide.” –Christine Spiro, Owner, Verticality Pole Fitness

Nestled comfortably in the quiet and conservative River Oaks area of Houston, TX, lies an extravagant dance and fitness studio unlike the traditional ones familiar to the neighborhood. Welcome to Verticality Pole Fitness, an innovative dance studio that offers pole dancing fitness classes that combine elements of dance, gymnastics, strength and flexibility into a fun and empowering workout as way to get fit and stay in shape.

Founder, Christine Spiro began her journey with a vision to design a workout that women (and men—yes, men) of all ages could enjoy and continue long term. Six years ago, Christine struggled with motivation during her mundane workout routine and found it difficult to remain consistent. She had heard about pole dancing, and decided to give it a try. Christine exclaims, “It was the most challenging—and fun—workout I had ever done, and I still love it today!” The rest is history. Christine opened the doors to Verticality Pole Fitness in June 2011.

While you may be thinking of exotic dancing while imagining pole dancing, understand that pole dancing is an art that has been proven as a great way to condition, tone the core and lower body, as well as stretch the muscles. The best thing is that you won’t notice you’re working out! Christine strives to design classes that are focused on having fun and building confidence, all while getting in shape. You will also appreciate the personal attention you will receive in the small classes. Spiro is dedicated to providing customers with the best experience possible. She explains, “I want to grow by satisfying the needs of our current customers. My biggest challenge is putting together a class each week that pleases our customers. I want to offer a class that is fun, challenging, and safe; which can be quite a balancing act.”

If you’re not ready for pole dancing just yet, don’t fret. Verticality Pole Fitness also offers chair and belly dance classes if those are more your speed. They also offer private lessons, as well as private parties for those who want to celebrate a special occasion, or just get a group of friends together for a fun night out. Whatever experience you’re looking for, Christine Spiro at Verticality Pole Fitness has got you covered.

-Coyo Alexander
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“I hate fat people at Popeye’s in South Park on Tuesdays. If a drunk walks into a bar, the bartender will not serve him, so when a fat person walks into a fast food restaurant, they shouldn’t be served either.” –Marcus Bowers, Comedian

Hot date? Going through some things? Just need a good laugh? You have to hear Marcus Bowers!!! His comedy is based on daily life and current events and whether it is funny or not, he will make you laugh. He travels often throughout the nation but you can find him most of the time in his hometown Houston, Texas; South Park to be exact. When he was in school he was the class clown, then he took his comedy to social networks, and now you can find him on stage. His last major project was opening for CoCo Brown at the Houston Improv during All Star weekend in Houston, Texas. “I am not your average human being” says Bowers.

Bowers speaks on true events and real ideas. People constantly tell him to tone it down, especially when he jokes about fat people at Popeye’s on Tuesdays. “I hate fat people at Popeye’s in South Park on Tuesdays. If a drunk walk into a bar, the bartender will not serve him, so when a fat person walks into a fast food restaurant, they shouldn’t be served either.” He is aware of the obesity problem in America and so many other problems; he prefers to bring laughter to these issues. He does not mean any harm to anyone. While he means no harm, the comedian/entrepreneur’s candid delivery is his biggest problem in the entertainment industry because he often has to watch what he says.

Not only is Marcus Bowers a hilarious comedian, he also owns a hair boutique with local celebrity ‘Just Brittany’ as one of his models. He also has his teacher certification, is a former navy seal, and holds a college degree in engineering. He feels he can help the next generation because he is someone that everyone can relate to one way or another. In the future, he wants to be recognized as the best script/comedy creator of all time.

-Tinka Bell Israel

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Jordan Pugh – Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins DB, Jordan Pugh, had a love for baseball as a child but had a change of heart after one blistering Texas day. “I remember burning up while sitting in center field thinking this is not fun. No one is hitting me the ball and I am burning up for no reason, so why should I continue to play this sport,” recalled Pugh. That day he went to his father and told him he wanted to play football.

Since then football has been his everything. Pugh played football at Plano West High School and later proceeded to play football at Texas A&M University. There Pugh’s football skills and knowledge enhanced, permitting him to become a prospect for the 2010 NFL draft. Pugh was drafted in the 6th round by the Carolina Panthers. After being with the Panthers for two seasons, he was released by their organization. However, Pugh wasn’t a free agent for very long. He was signed by the Washington Redskins before the 2012 season. As a Redskin, Pugh received his first career sack on Joe Flacco in week 14 against the Baltimore Ravens, along with his first playoff run. I was able to catch-up with Mr. Pugh during this off season to see how life has been both on and off the field.

Vesti: Looking back at the 2010 NFL Draft, how did it feel to know all your hard work had finally paid off when you were selected by the Carolina Panthers?

Pugh: It’s a feeling you can’t describe. It’s something you’ve always prayed for when you first start playing the sport. You want to reach the highest level possible and when I received that call from the Panthers organization, I was beyond happy. Although, getting that call was joyful, it also added pressure because now your mindset is to prove to them that they didn’t make the wrong decision by selecting you.

Vesti: When you arrived at North Carolina, would you say A&M prepared you enough for the league?

Pugh: Yes, physically and mentally they did prepare me. The hardest part was adjusting to the demands of the league and the business side as well.

Vesti: You have always intrigued me when it came to your religious beliefs. Can you inform everyone on what your beliefs are and how you feel He challenged you while you were playing for the Carolina Panthers?

Pugh: I’m a big faith guy and I believe in God. The biggest things you face in this league are pride, money, and women. It can get hard trying to do the right thing when you consistently see these things daily. When you remember your purpose and why God put you here it gets easier to handle.

Vesti: What transpired with the Panthers that caused the move to the Redskins?

Pugh: Honestly, I have no idea. That’s the thing being in this league, it’s a business. You never get the real reason why things happen the way they do. I wish I did know what transpired but I don’t.

Vesti: How was it going from Cam Newton to RGIII? Who would you say is the biggest Diva?

Pugh: Lmao on the Diva question and no comment. When it comes to going from Cam to RGIII, they are honestly one in the same. I’m a fan of both and yeah they have different things to offer but all in all they are both winners. It comes down to who you prefer. I was honored to be on the same team with Cam and I am now honored to be playing on the same team with RGIII.

Vesti: Since the move to the Redskins, how has your on field play improved?

Pugh: Just playing football overtime has helped improve my skills. Physically, you improve through different coaches. While I’ve been with the Redskins, I’ve improved with breaking down the film and moving it over to on field play.

Vesti: I’ve always called you Plano since the day we met because that’s the part of Dallas you are from. Your high school, Plano West, has recently retired your football jersey. Is it safe to say that you are Mr. Plano now?

Pugh: Lol, no I wouldn’t say I’m Mr. Plano but I am definitely honored that they choose to retire my jersey. It goes to show my hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

Vesti: Since the season is over, what are some of the things you’ve been doing in the community?

Pugh: The past two years, I’ve started my own foundation called Pushing

Upward Going Higher; PUGH. I have collaborated with my high school, PlanoWest, to reach students who have academic passion along with their athletic ability to show them that they have not been overlooked. When playing a team sport, not everyone gets noticed for all their hard work that they have contributed to the team. I take the time to mentor these kids and let them know that they are not being forgotten. I award one student every year that distributes hard work in their academics as well as their on field play.

Jordan Pugh is not only a professional football player, he is also a business man and a public speaker. Check him out at Thank you, Mr. Pugh for a wonderful interview. To football fans all over I say: continue to watch and follow Pugh on his journey with the Washington Redskins as they battle to reach the SuperBowl this coming 2013 season.

“The two biggest things that I am about are being a business man and a mentor. I love getting to know people, talking to people, and helping people. Since God has blessed me, I try to lend out a helping hand as much as I can.” – Jordan Pugh

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Sky Culture: Stay True to Yourself

Urban flare, street, and also simplicity are just a few examples that Sky Culture Clothing owners, Corey & Corey use in their line to express themselves. Growing up and always fly, repping brands of clothing that other kids never heard of. They always had an eye for fashion, so during college the two innovative young men and a few others established an organization of individuals with similar styles and creativity working to break the mold of fashion and mainstream society. “We want our clothing to appeal to the masses, not just skateboarding and surfing, but we want to hit every demographic and genre of streetwear.”

The Sky Culture Clothing line targets 13 to 40 year olds. It is classy and comfortable, but at the same time simple and sleek. Gaurantees creativity and swagger.The fashion line consists of graphic tees, hoodys, 5 panels, snapbacks, long sleeves, and accessories to go along with their trendy fashions. Currently, their Spring line has a strong influence of retro and camo colors.
“Sky Culture Clothing was a blessing in disguise.” Their original name was Supernova, but unfortunately Adidas got their hands on it. So the young aspiring professionals put Sky Culture name with their signature classic parachute logo with their slogan, “Created in the Clouds.” It was sky’s the limit from there. The clothing line has grown and expanded immensely. Corey, one of the founders, mother is a huge support and major part of the business. So if you have ever received your shipment in one day of ordering, it was because of her.

To stay up on their game, the founders are constantly reading up on upcoming trends about what’s hot and what’s not. They consider themselves visionaries. They have a personal designer who brings their designs to life. Sky Culture Clothing has a lot of different fashions and goals in the next couple of years. Some influencing brands of Sky Culture are fashion labels such as: Diamond, 10 Deep, Entree and UNDEFTD, just to name a few. We can look forward to their upcoming sneakers and fitted sweatpants with in their next several lines.


Shatoia Nicole was born a fashionista, and has always dreamed of owning her own retail store or boutique one day. But she never expected to be an owner at 24 years of age. After gaining valuable experience in the retail and fashion industry for over 5 years, she was finally able to launch Glam Luxe Accessories in June 2011, selling items via social networks. As Glam Luxe Accessories became more popular, Shatoia Nicole decided to add on new merchandise selections and changed the name to Luxe Moda. The rest is history.

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