Prosper in EVERY Bite

Have you ever heard the wise old adage “Health is wealth?”  It may sound like just another catchy slogan, but the veracity this phrase carries with it is astonishing. For quite some time in America now, Black people and/or those of African descent have been made mindful of and are often reminded about the harsh realities inherent in our culture, but not importance of being healthy. In this day and age many Black people are still clinging to the recipes of old at every family gathering. Be it the ever-so-obvious first on the list: fried chicken, peach cobbler, baby back ribs, oxtails, pigs feet or collard greens; Black people in general have been eating this way on a consistent basis for quite some time now, much to our detriment.

In more recent years however, while the meals themselves haven’t changed much, the animals and ingredients used to prepare such meals are nothing like they used to be. With factory farms replacing family ones and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) running amok in the American food supply, a traditional Black family meal has become a feast of fat and falsities.

Beyond this fact stands another one even more disheartening; fast food has replaced family meals. This poses an even worse problem for our health as a community for one because there are no labels and thus no speculation or suspicion about what these “frankenphoods” contain, which fruits and veggiesmeans GMOs can and are used and served in copious amounts on a daily basis. I am writing this article not because I want to sell anything or strictly chastise my people, but because I want to offer a non-monetary means of prosperity, FOOD. Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.E.) once stated, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” which still holds true to form today. Remember we were once kings and queens, therefore it is my belief that we should eat like it. In closing, one of the most beautiful parts about being healthy is that you don’t have to be rich to do so, but the rewards reaped will make you feel like royalty.

Peace and Love,
Rahq’El Savid

Hydrate or DIE!

Stay Cool this Summer: Heat Can Cause Severe Illness

By: Mark Davis, BS NUT. CPT


In our Summer Issue of FYI Houston I want to talk about heat related illness, and the importance of proper hydration. Friday, June 21st marked the first day of summer and we are already experiencing daytime temperatures in the mid and upper 90’s during the spring. Prolonged exposure to this type of heat, whether working or exercising, may lead to dehydration which can cause heat related injuries. Heat illnesses range in severity and require different methods of treatment. The least severe yet most common heat injury is heat cramps, which are painful muscle contractions. Heat cramps are caused by eliminating the body’s salt and electrolyte levels through excessive sweating. First aid for heat cramps is to remove the victim from the hot area to a cool shady area and slowly administer cool liquids, preferably water or a sports drink.

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Business Spotlight: INFUSE CLOTHING

“If they won’t hire you, hire yourself.”
Calvin, Owner of Infuse Clothing


Calvin, the owner of Infuse clothing, is not all about making money, but giving back to his community. Whether it is providing food to needy families, sharing his great ideas, or selling attire to make people look good, he is always lending a hand. He came from a family of entrepreneurs, but did not decide he wanted to open his own business until his 18th birthday. He was unable to find a job and one Sunday he went to church and his pastor said, “If they won’t hire you, hire yourself.” Taking the advice to heart, the successful business owner knows he has found his passion and knows what he was put here to do.

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We caught up with Brian Barber to see how he has been doing since we talked to him last. Looks like things have been going well for the team!

What have you been up to?

I’ve been working hard in the studio every chance that I get. Since I linked up with MouseQuake and James Kline (of Banger Boy Studio in Arlington, TX), it’s been non-stop work. Currently, I’m working on four different projects.

What events/music/products have you been promoting?Brian Barber

I’ve been mostly promoting the music being produced and the services offered by both Sound Mentality and Banger Boy Studios. The most recent event that I have coming up would be the “2013 A3C Festival ‘Pro-Audio Experience’ with iStandard Producers Showcase @ SAE Institute in Atlanta, GA on October 3,2013.” I am blessed to be the featured producer for winning the 2012 A3C Festival iStandard Producers Showcase held in Atlanta, GA as well.

How has your business developed since the last time we caught up with you?

The business has definitely developed into a solid entity. We’ve been blessed to have the right people to come in at the right time so that business will run fluidly.

What do you have planned in the coming months?

In the coming months, we have a few more showcases coming up and of course, even more projects and opportunities to take advantage of. Candace Manns from CManns Management, LLC continues to have me on a tight schedule which helps me to stay consistence and hungry!

What future projects can we look forward to?

Be on the lookout for, new projects coming from Dallas-native, C’Thru and Wisconsin-native, Juq’o Vibe with features from DeeRick.

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Vine: B. Barber of SMP

Visit the Sound Mentality Website HERE

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Banger Boy Studio

James Kline – Owner

Mouse Quake – Sound Engineer

FB: Banger Boy Studio – Arlington, TX 817-987-1104

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Candace Manns (Entertainment Manager)

C.Manns Management , LLC Entertainment Management Company

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“Taking over the world has always been my goal” – Elle Jae

Elle Jae, originally from Detroit, Michigan, currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a very energetic personality and stays positive as an ambitious, God-fearing woman. She’s working on her first maxi single, and names some of her “amazing” producers, engineers and songwriter in her interview with FYI Houston.

Granddaughter of Eli Fountain, Detroit jazz musician who played saxophone, her favorite music includes Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Frank Sinatra just to name a few. She is motivated by getting people to understand, listen, and love her music. We asked her what makes her style unique and separates her from other entertainers, and she responded saying, “My heart is full of love… I project my love to my fans…I give my music, my happiness, and my love.”

“Taking over the world has always been my goal,” says Elle Jae, “but you must start somewhere.” She has links to music everywhere, creating more of a online presence, along side with blogging, posters and even standing outside handing out CD’s. Her first gig was in church, but now she’s working on getting booked in China. She wants her fans to determine where she will be in the next five years.

Elle Jae prides herself in being extremely talented playing the Air Guitar. Some of her other hobbies include gaming, collecting comic books, vintage toys & robots.Outside of her humor, she gives back to her community by feeding the homeless and volunteering with the Salvation Army.


Music from Elle Jae: