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Official DeadStock is a shoe company that was created especially for the sneaker heads. Owner, James Jones is a sneaker head himself and started ODS because he wanted to provide a way for his fellow comrades to enjoy exclusive shoes at the best price. James tells us, “I have loved shoes since elementary school and always wanted to work in a shoe store. We will always have the best resell price in town. I love shoes and genuinely want to see others who love shoes be able to get them at a great price.”

James tells us the incredible story of how he turned his passion into his business. While heODS logo always knew that he wanted to work in a shoe store, he didn’t imagine that he would start out owning his own. He explains, “One summer I had to pay for a summer class out of pocket with no help from financial aid. I didn’t know how I was going to come up with the money to pay for class, but I knew I didn’t want to ask my parents for the money. I was sitting on my bed when I realized how many shoes I had sitting around in my room, and at that moment I decided to sell some of my shoes to come up with the money to pay for the class. Once I paid for the class and saw how fast I was able to get the money I decided to do it more often and that’s when OfficialDeadstock was born.”

ODS Mo City TeeWhile the company has been very successful since its inception, James admits that he has had his share of challenges as a business owner. He talks about some of the challenges of running a business and how he has had to learn some hard lessons along the way. The most challenging thing about starting my business was having my store broken into 2 months after I opened. I didn’t have any insurance and had to pay for everything out of pocket. I have insurance now. Entrepreneurship Is a struggle. But when the money comes it’s well worth it.” The young boss has this advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:  Save your income tax refund and invest it in getting your business started.”

ODS also features exclusive apparel that allows you to rep your city to the fullest. The new fall line of Mo. City t-shirts recently released in late September. The collection features camo, olive green, maroon, and OG black. In the future, ODS has plans to serve the Houston area in a larger fashion by adding more stores throughout the city. Also, be on the lookout for ODS collaborations with designers to bring sneaker heads special editions shoes exclusively at Official Dead Stock.

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