NEW MUSIC from Lita Styles

Lita Styles, a Filipino multi-creative from Houston, Texas releases her second music video for the bonus track Petty (featuring Bobby Earth) from her first Soundcloud debuted EP, From A Flower Pot. Following her first single, Angels on Mars, Lita anticipates giving something much edgier this time around. Lita embodies a strong feminine perspective with her sexy, sleek vocals over trap snares and lots of bass.

The track produced by Houston’s soulful-eclectic producer, Bobby Earth, also contributes a spacey universal sound and swag that does not go unrecognized. Without question, Petty highlights the lower register in Lita’s sound and showcases a smooth-soul meets hip hop, trap and R&B genres. Shot and directed by Houston-based Creative Director, M4RZ, this video is best with the lights down-low for a trippy escapade through Lita’s lucid dream and imagination. Lita Styles leaves her male viewers with their jaws on the floor and the females dancing and relating to her personable softness, and vulnerability. Following an exclusively sold-out mini preview party for the video’s release in Houston in December, the video has already attained over 300 views and cosigns from Grammy-winning vocalist, Tony Williams calling the video “artistically stimulating” as well as a Twitter shout-out/retweet from the legendary Swishahouse.

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Listen To: ‘From a Flower Pot’ EP HERE

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