New Fashion: Vespertine Machine

Who is Vespertine Machine? They are a premium street wear clothing line with designs focused on mischief while engaging in the adventures of the night. “As the Moon rises, society’s grip loosens and many of us transform into mischievous versions of ourselves. If you feel a strong connection to Calvin and Hobbes, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Where the Wild Things Are, then this is the brand for you.”

Vespertine Machine was established in 2012 after the founders watched Layer Cake, a 2004 film directed by Matthew Vaughn. They enjoy the freedom of being entrepreneurs, attributing the birth of the brand to the “divine hand of Bacchus, God of Wine.”

When the sun rises, they return back to the 8th Dimension. Music fuels their engine of creation, so their partnership with several musicians and DJs aligns with their creation process, and we here at FYI Houston definitely support!

You can find Vespertine Machine’s products in their online store, at the Karmaloop Kazbah, and on the following social networks:


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