Negash Apparel & Footwear is the future of Fashion.


Negash is the future.

It is the future of fashion, of style, of consciousness. Never before has a clothing brand connected you with the history behind the fashion and educated you about the meaning behind the designs. Negash is an African inspired brand, mainly with designs that are associated with ancient Egyptian history and culture.

Negash Heru Boots in red
Negash Heru Boots in red

Rocklin Hotep Negash, creator of Negash Apparel & Footwear was inspired by his hometown of Detroit, MI and the arts and life of Egyptian culture. The brand is heavily influenced by Egyptian symbols, Pharaohs, Gods, and Goddesses. Their logo, the Deshret crown, was worn by the Pharaohs ruling over Lower Egypt. They inspire their customers to know their history and to know that they are royalty.

Pink & Gold Patent Heka Womens Sneaker
Pink & Gold Patent Heka Womens Sneaker

Since its creation in 2004, the brand has presented nothing but high quality products that can be shipped to your front door in just two days. When creating designs, they follow no rules or guidelines; they simply create. Rocklin explains, “There are no rules. Fashion is art and interpretation. We follow no guidelines we allow the designs we create to speak to us. Here in Detroit the fashion styles all differ person to person no one dresses alike.”

The brand has seen much success and is currently working on their upcoming fall/winter collection. They plan to become a worldwide brand with stores in major cities and countries. To get your hands on the latest fashion first, stay connected with FYI Houston for updates on Negash.

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