Mz. Lovely Production Company

Mz. Lovely of Dallas, Texas built a career promoting local artists and events since 2007. In January, she established Mz. Lovely Production Company. She works very closely with her clients, traveling with them and networking with others to help increase their brand.

Mz. Lovely
Mz. Lovely

While Mz. Lovely enjoys meeting and working with new clients, she does not just work with just anybody. She is very dedicated to her work only works with those whom are dedicated, persistent, and have a business plan. She absolutely loves what she does and most importantly loves giving others an opportunity to be seen and heard. Her toughest challenge is trying to break through a male dominated industry. She will let you know that she handles business and there will be no pleasure.

In the near future, she is looking to collaborate with a colleague and start a fashion line and open a boutique. She absolutely loves to promote, and would like to one day manage a female group and help promote events and other artists. She hopes to continue to meet and promote new people. While she is involved with several projects, the busy promoter is always thinking of new ideas and ways promote her artists and her company.

-Tinka Bell Israel

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