“My Music is ME” -Honey B.

“They just don’t understand that there is a business side and “MY TWAT” will not be involved.”

Always knowing that she would become famous, female artist Honey Banks has been performing since Kindergarten. The entertainer performs hip hop and soul, but mainly rap. She was persuaded to become a rapper after her first performance in Detroit at Bev’s Back Street. “I was so nervous! My song had been in rotation and the strippers had shirts with my face on it. IT WAS CRAZY!! After that it was strictly rap for me.”

honey b no hillary coverHoney B’s style of music as she describes is “moody.”   One day she may feel lyrical, the next day poetic, and  later feel like doing something with no substance at all. “It really depends on how I feel. My music is ME. I am a person of different facets.” This artist of all aptitudes has done several projects in the past. Cover Bitch and No Hillary were teasers when she was trying to find her sound and flavor. After those projects, her mixtapes proved her point that she can and  will be  successful as an artist. She gets her motivation from her grandmother and  hopes to take her to Grammy’s in the next few years.

honey b cover b photo Besides performing and writing music, she is working on her EP scheduled to release in the fall. All of her songs are bangers and something you would jam to over and over again. “I don’t want to be that one hit wonder chick.” She uses today’s music to her advantage because today’s music has no boundaries, and she literally gets to do what she wants when she gets on a track. Her setback in entertainment is in her words, “Ignorant people. They just don’t understand that there is a business side and “MY TWAT” will not be involved.” But outside of that roadblock, she continues to encourage more people to support her by just putting her music in their face. “Hope they don’t wash it off.” In the next 5 years, Honey Banks will be signed to a major record label and working with her own artists. Acting is definitely on her list for the future.

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