“My Bestfriend’s Lil Brother” by Tinka Bell Israel

My Best Friend’s Lil’ Brother

It was May 21st and my parents just surprised me with a brand new Black drop top Audi with 20 inch black rims. They thought I deserved it since I made the Dean’s list, and graduated 5 out of 18 students. I got super excited when they called my name, “Kyra Evans.” I also received a full track scholarship to LSU. But the best part was that it was my best friend Bree’s birthday, and she was having a party later that night. We lived in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas with a of population less than 5, 000, so if somebody was partying, you were going.

Graduation began late that day because our town was hosting our annual Rodeo and Livestock show so I had to rush home to change clothes so I would make it to the party on time. I put on my new white skinny jeans, tan sleeveless shirt with a belt around my waist, and my tan Louis Vuitton shoes showing off my two-day old pedicure. As I backed out of the driveway from my two-story, five bedroom house while looking in the rear view mirror, I looked at myself and said, “Kyra Melissa Evans you are the shit!!!”

The party was on the other side of town at Bree’s older sister’s house which was only 12 miles away  but it didn’t stop me from driving 90 miles an hour. A few people had arrived before me. Bree was in the kitchen taking the sherbet and ginger ale out of the refrigerator. Her mother and aunt were putting the hot wings, meatballs, and sandwiches on the table. I spoke to everyone and went back outside and posted on my brand new car with the top dropped. I greeted everyone who passed by. I made sure you saw me even if you didn’t want too. It wasn’t long before Bree’s boyfriend, KJ, showed up with some of his friends. He was from Oak Cliff, a hood in South Dallas. He was 21 years old and so were all of his friends. They walked over to me and congratulated me. As KJ walked off, he handed me some pills and told me to have a good night. I instantly popped both pills and went back inside the party. There were at least thurry people inside the party and another twenty in the back yard. All of the adults had left and it was time to turn up. But I was being anti-social and sitting in the corner waiting for my pills to kick in. KJ came over and brought me a couple of shots of Patron and told me one of his boys wanted to get with me. I took the Patron shots and suddenly began to tingle. I was ready to get on the dance floor now. I went from 0 to 200 in 0.25 seconds after the shots. I danced for the next five songs until I had to take a break. KJ’s friend, Cam, came over and introduced himself. But these pills had intensified all five of my senses and maybe even created some more. I felt like I had x-ray vision. I walked back into the kitchen to get a bottle of water. I saw this slightly short, younger guy with beautiful chocolate skin. It was Lil D, Bree’s younger brother. I hadn’t seen him in a while. He didn’t live with his mother and Bree but his dad. I always joked with Bree about how cute her brother was and told her the things I would do to him if she let me. But she wasn’t trying to hear it. She hated the fact I flirted with her little brother when he came around. I didn’t know if it was the pills, alcohol, or graduation but Lil D was looking extremely good to me. All these guys at the party wanted me but I wanted him. I knew it would be a challenge because he was a feisty, stubborn little boy. But tonight he was being extra friendly. I think he may have snuck and got him a drink or two. He was talking about sports and I was thinking about all the things I could do to him. I didn’t care he was five years younger than I. I wondered if there was a vacant room in the house.

“Kara get away from my lil brother!!!” Bree screams across the room. I don’t know if it was the look in my eyes, the distance between me and Lil D, or the past jokes but Bree became very upset with what she had scene and called her mama to come pick Lil D up. But for whatever reason she changed her mind about him staying. They got into a loud argument and disturbed the party. KJ took Bree to the back and Lil D went outside and I followed. After I calmed Lil D down, I got his attention back on me. We went to the side of the house and made out. He grabbed my hand and put it down his pants saying he can handle me. That’s when I noticed what was different about him. Since he had moved with his father, he wasn’t a virgin anymore. To my surprise he was bigger than most of the guys I had ever been with. Before I could get his shirt off, we heard a car horn. His mama had arrived to pick him up. I was disappointed, but I went back inside and enjoyed the rest of the party as far as I could remember. I stayed at Bree’s house that night because I was too messed up to drive home. She was still very upset with me because I told her all night that by any means necessary I was going to get her lil brother.

Six years later, Bree and KJ decided to get married. I hadn’t seen her in over four years. After I graduated from LSU, I accepted a job as a track coach and history teacher in a nearby town in Louisiana. I was excited to go back home and see everyone and I had also been training for the Olympics which was coming up the following year. It was spring time and I still had my very athletically built body that I had in high school, and I wanted to show it off. I wore a short, yellow spring dress with low a low front. I had on my platinum heels and platinum accessories to match. I had decided to go natural a few years ago and my hair had grown out pretty well so I wore it in a twisted out Afro which I referred to as my crown. My parents had purchased them a full set of Cutco knives. As I walked into the church with this huge gift in my hand, this very tall, dark skinned, nicely groomed, athletically built guy approached me relieving me of the heavy gift. Then I heard familiar voices behind me calling my name. It was Nate and Chavon. They had also graduated from high school with us. We all sat together during the ceremony. Bree was so beautiful and KJ sang and played the piano for his wedding vowels. As beautiful as the ceremony was, I wasn’t ready to get married or even be in a serious relationship. There were some fine men at the wedding and I couldn’t wait until I got to the reception. Mainly because I was hungry, but as I look around at all the fine men I could think of a lot of other things to do afterwards.

A couple of hours later, we finally made it to the reception. It was at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas. Bree and I caught up on old times. I met her 3 year old son, Trip. We joked about me being right in high school that she would be the first to have a baby and get married. I missed her. She had been my best friend since elementary school. As we laughed and caught up, the guy who took my gift rudely interrupted our conversation and walked off.

“Bree, who is that??? He is fine!!!!”

“NO. NO. NO, “ while shaking her head in a serious manner. “No, Kara. We not about to go through this again.”

“Who is that???” while asking and contemplating deeply who it could be. It finally registered to me. “Is that Lil D???!!!” I tried to hide my excitement but the one thing I knew was that he was grown now. I had a new mission, and I was going to do everything in my power to get him that night. I saw him exit the party so I left not too long after he did. I hung out in the lounge area, out of view of the reception, waiting to see him. A couple of minutes later, he snuck up behind me squeezing my waist causing me to release a loud squeal.

“Chill. It’s just me.” Lil D says too me smiling showing off his beautiful white teeth that goes perfectly with his chocolate covered skin. He had just changed into some comfortable clothes and his muscles were visible through his shirt.

“You scared the shit out of me!!!!” relieved it was just him.

“Come downstairs so nobody want see us.”

He grabs my hand and walks me to the discreet stairwell at the end of the hall. He told me I looked great and that it took him a while to realize who I was. Once we got down to the basement of the stairwell he asked me could we continue what we had started six years ago. He grabbed me close to him so I could feel his manhood rise against my thigh, and he slowly grinded against me. He grabs my hand and sticks it down his pants, he was even bigger!!! I was turned on and ready to go right then and there. I told him, “I will do whatever you want me to do to you. Just tell me where and what you want me to do.” We started kissing and right before we could get started our phones started ringing at the same time. We had been gone at least 20 minutes and people were wondering where we were, especially Bree. Of course we did not walk back in together. I went and purchased a room for the night. When I got back to the reception, everyone was saying their goodbyes so I engaged in a few more conversations before leaving. As I passed by Lil D, I slid the room key in his pocket with a note attached saying, “Meet me in 30 minutes.” I went outside to move my car so no one would be suspicious and went up to the room and got ready for my biggest fantasy. I got lotioned up and put on some smell good. It was an hour later before I heard a knock at the door and so I wouldn’t waste anytime I took off the few clothes I had left on. As I opened the door, it was definitely a nightmare because it was Bree knocking at the door.


-Tinka Bell Israel

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  1. That was pretty good Tink! I hope you plan to advance to novels one day sooner than later. You always had the mind for this type of writing! I love it! So…to be continued eh? Keep me posted!

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