“Most entertainers are on the same subject, as for me, I do what comes to my mind.” -Yung Blaze

Yung Blaze’s goal is to change the youth’s focus on living their life the right way instead of constantly “Turning up.”

Yung Blaze

Underground artist Yung Blaze is from Bogalusa, LA but currently resides in Slidell, LA. The artist tells us stories in his lyrics and creates a visual of every detail with his words. Yung Blaze tells us, “Most entertainers are on the same subject, as for me, I do what comes to mind.” Most of Blaze’s music is mostly love and slow songs.”

His journey in  entertainment begun when he was nine years old and in elementary school. Yung Blaze started writing poetry and received many compliments so he continued to write challenging himself everyday to get better. He even got his name Yung Blaze when he was in elementary school because he was hot headed. Blaze’s calling of being an entertainer begun when he was in elementary school. The artist continues to put out great music and he desires to show people that these is more to music than money, cars, and clothes.

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