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When was the last time you created and or reviewed your money blueprint? Think back as far as possible to your first memory of money. What was the first thing that came to mind? Was it a memory of someone taking you to the store and telling you that you can have whatever you like or someone telling you that money doesn’t grow on trees? Do you remember your parents arguing over bills or them showing gratitude for what that they had? How often did you witness them displaying that behavior? Everyone has a money blueprint whether it was something that they designed themselves or adapted from their paradigm. In this reading, a money blueprint is your perception, understanding, relationship and mindset towards money. You can take a look at your current financial state and it will give you a true reflection of how you feel about money. I’m not referring to your physical feelings that you believe reflects your understanding about money, but the feeling that is deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind. Take a moment and really think about who influenced you financially; take another moment to compare the differences and similarities you share. Do you both have set financial goals, are you both in debt, do you both spend too much or too little, or do you live paycheck to paycheck? As a child you had no control over what you received, however as time pass you gain a higher awareness such as wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You begin to move into a new consciousness when you work to undo years of conditioning.


Money is the root of all Evil was a statement that was rooted in my mind. I heard that statement throughout my childhood with a host of other anti-money ideas that I still hear to this day.  As an adult I battled with discovering my purpose because I had a big dream however my dream required big money. I had to understand it for myself. For the “love” of money is the root to all evil. Do you hear of the wealthy killing and stealing from others for a few dollars? How many rich people have you seen robbing corner stores and breaking into homes to take what others have worked hard for?  I was carrying an emotional attachment towards money that was given to me by my religion. How can you carry ill feelings  towards something that you need? If there’s a person who you couldn’t stand to be around wouldn’t you do what you could to avoid consistent interaction with them? You get paid and pay all your bills and it’s all gone because subconsciously you really don’t like money and can’t stand to have consistent interaction with it. Your mind is not here to help you make right or wrong decisions, but to protect the programming that occupies that space. Let’s say you have your thermostat set to 80 degrees inside and it gets too warm so you let the windows up and the temperature outside is 40 degrees. The cold air begins to circulate the room and temperature begins to drop and the thermostat detects the change of frequency. Without any effort on your part the heater automatically turns on because the temperature in the room was not on the same vibration of the thermostat. This is what our subconscious mind does to us in every aspect of our lives. It protects us from tuning into another frequency that doesn’t exist in your consciousness, but you have the power to reprogram it with time and effort.

Begin to study yourself and find out where you dollar sign safestand and create your own money blueprint. I’ll give you a few things to consider and to be aware of while on your journey to financial freedom. Consider having the “I create my life” attitude rather than the “life happens to me” attitude. People who are wealthy know and understand that they have the ability to do and live however they want to because of the choices they make. Others are always playing the victim or the blame game. Justifying and complaining about the situation they’re in rather than making an effort to change it. People who are wealthy play to win rather than play to lose. Others play the entire game on defense rather than offense. Those who are financially independent want their cake and eat it too. Middle class individuals feel that the cake is too rich so they will only have a slice. The poor do not feel that they deserve cake so they settle for a donut and focus on the hole and wonder why they have nothing. I’ve heard all my life you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Why not! What’s the use of having it if I can’t enjoy it? People who are wealthy bless others with money and others resent them. Always bless and speak highly of something that you desire. The wealthy contribute to the universe constantly without conditions. Those who have a poverty mindset only focus on themselves. They operate from a consciousness of lack. Everything that they get they have to keep because they’re not sure when the next time it will come around again. When you give without conditions it will come back to you no matter what. It might not be in the same form or from the same source in which you gave but you will receive tenfold. Once you begin to understand and apply new concepts about money you will see things change for the better. It will take time because you’re on a journey of undoing years of programing but it can be done. Determine how you want your money blueprint to look and design it.

-Rhonda Williams

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