Mike “The Truth” and the Houston MMA Scene

FYI Houston: How do you want to be remembered at the end of your career?

Mike Jackson: That’s a good looking fighter right there…he must have not gotten punched in the face a lot.

The city of Houston has a reputation for breeding unequivocal talent in any field, and Mixed Martial Arts is no exception. Since the MMA boom spread throughout the nation, Houston’s MMA scene has been bustling.

Mike Jackson is one of those guys with the kind of innate talent to succeed at any endeavor. He says he has always been a fan of the sport, and once he was exposed to everything MMA has to offer he was hooked. He notes, “I walked into a gym one day, tried it out, and haven’t looked back since.”Not only has Mike Jackson made a name for himself competing in both Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, he is also one of the largest MMA personalities in his home town (Houston, TX) as well as the state. He also produces video blogs, conducts post-fight interviews—all while attending college to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Mike’s success in the ring of course stems from his preparation. His strict workout and diet combination is what sets him apart from his competition. His rigorous training routine is rewarded in his fight record, where he is ranked #5 in Houston’s Lightweight Division. When Mike is preparing for an upcoming fight, he tells us “A basic workout [for me] is to get six rounds on the heavy bag and speed bag, and three rounds of mitts with my coach.” You would think that a fighter’s training regimen is the toughest part of their job, but not for Mike. He notes that dieting during training is the most challenging for him because of his food weakness. “I have NO self-control when I’m around it” explains Mike. While he claims to eat pretty much anything in sight during training, for example, high protein meats and lots of vegetables, he has to avoid almost all of his mom’s cooking. Talk about tough! Who can resist Mom?!

Despite his challenging training routine, Mike loves everything about being a fighter. “I just enjoy doing something that makes me happy.” Mike says the main thing that sets him apart from other fighters is his personality. That’s very humble of him, but we have seen his jab. When he explains his fighting style, he can’t be modest either. “I’m primarily a striker, although I do have a decent ground game, but everyone knows me for my jab. I have one of the most devastating jabs that myself and others know of.”

When Mike is not devastating his opponent with a mean jab, he focuses his time promoting the Houston MMA scene. You can follow all things related to Mike “The Truth” and the Houston MMA scene at www.mikethetruth.com . You can also check out his Facebook page www.facebook.com/mikethetruthjackson and follow him on Twitter @TheTruthJackson.

-Coyo Alexander

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