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As a young boy, Marshun collected sneakers. He exercised a few of his artistic abilities such as drawing and acting, and says he’s “something like Devin from ‘Drumline’ on the snare”. Though he had to move from his father and constantly relocated in his early age, he later realized the benefits of his hardships as he recently stumbled upon his newfound talent only a year and a half ago.

Marshun’s favorite genre is hip-hop, which is why most people can’t tell he just started rapping. Because he was able to meet so many different people, he gained an open mind and now believes he can make music to reach a variety of people. Marshun is motivated by the living his life the way he’s always wanted to and creating music the world can appreciate.

Over the next 5 years, Marshun aspires to become relevant in the music industry, making music that he loves, as opposed to what is trendy. Artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, Drake, and J.Cole are huge inspiration for the type of music he’d like to give to the people, and the imprint he’d like to leave on the game, “whether it be mainstream or underground”, he explained.

Marshun is currently collaborating with an artist from Dallas by the name of Yung Dawn. They are creating a “Duotape” and they’ve already released the video for their single, “Kermit” produced by $outhern, viewable on YouTube. The “Duotape” will be downloadable from DatPiff, Live Mixtapes, and Soundcloud.

“Hardwork beats talent if talent does not work hard”, recited Marshun. He watched his parents work for everything, describing them as resilient and able to make something happen, no matter what. Believe Marshun will shine in due time! Keep up with his music at and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @_marshun_ for updates about his upcoming music!

 LISTEN TO: Marshun feat. Yung Dawn – Flight 4 )prod. by $outhern)

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